ACC updates media on 2021 Auditor’s Report


By Ishmael Dumbuya

The Anti- Corruption Commission (ACC) has on Wednesday 4th January 2023 updated the media on the 2021 Auditor’s General Report at the commission’s headquarters, Gloucester Street in Freetown.

In his update, the Anti-Corruption Commissioner, Francis Ben Kaifala informed the media about his dissatisfaction with Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) not adhering to the recommendations of the Auditor General.

He added that the fight against corruption lies on the shoulders of each and every Sierra Leonean.

He went on to commend the Auditor’s General Department for a professional work done.

He went on to state that like other Auditor General’s Report in the past, most issues captured centers around administrative lapses, as people who should take responsibility to monitor, guide, direct, and manage the processes, have failed to show the required leadership, admonishing that all Sierra Leoneans should take the fight against corruption seriously and by taking deliberate and calculated actions.

Commissioner Kaifala stressed that all those who haven’t accounted for resources entrusted to them must be prepared to proffer convincing answers they failed to provide to the Auditor General to the ACC. He promised every Sierra Leonean that all those entrusted with the nation’s resources must give an account.

Highlighting issues of concern to the ACC in the Auditor’s Report as alleged misappropriationof state fund,Commissioner Kaifala estimated cash loss of $3,523,588( Three Million Five Hundred and Twenty Three thousand Five Hundred and Eighty Eight Dollars) was reported at some of our diplomatic missions; an estimated cash loss of Le.5,610,439, 760 was reported in 14 Local Councils.

He furthered that $132,000 was reported in revenue generating entities.

Ben Kaifala also briefed the media that according to the report,foreign missions were again indicted by the auditors, adding that diplomatic missions run as if they are not part of Sierra Leone.

“They do not follow best finance practices and procedures,”he emphasised.

Deputy Commissioner of ACC, Augustine Foday Ngebe thanked the media for the turnout even though a short notice was put out.

He assured the Fourth Estate that the ACC will continue to be accountable to the people of Sierra Leone in the conduct of the national campaign against corruption.

The event was climaxed by a plenary session.


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