ACC manager reaffirms commitment to battle corruption

ACC North-East Manager and Staff, pose with Police Officers after the Engagement

The Manager of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), North-East Region, Sierra Leone, has averred the Commission’s untiring devotion to prevent, investigate, and prosecute all forms of corruption allegations for the benefit of the general citizenry. Madam Mariama Navo made this statement during a customized sensitization meeting with officers of the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) at the Mile 91 Police Division, on Tuesday 17th January 2023.

The Manager commenced her address by commending the Sierra Leone Police for supporting the ACC in the national campaign against corruption. She gave an overview of the laudable gains made by the ACC in recovering huge sums of public monies misappropriated, through the Non-Conviction Based Asset Recovery Model, the incremental number of Court Convictions, corruption prevention strides through radical public education and effective Systems and Processes Review, among other strides.

According to Madam Navo, with the dawn of the New Year, the ACC is ever resolved in its determined pursuit if the corrupt to fearlessly but professionally discharge its mandate to sanitize the public space from all forms of graft. She, therefore called on the officers of the Division, to espouse the values that characterize the police force as a “force for good”, punctuating their sensitive role to secure lives and properties in the country.

Manager Navo reminded the officers about the National Anti-Corruption Strategy (NACS) 2019-2023, adding that it is a document that embodies the determined collective voice and action of Sierra Leoneans to stoutly resist and reject corruption.

“The NACS is a national space of comprehensive decisions and doable action plans that calls for the active participation of the public sector, private sector, and religions bodies”, _ she averred.

She advised the officers not to allow their interests to override their sense of nationalism at the expense of public interest. “Raise the bar for quality public service delivery to foster peace, order and increased public confidence and trust in the force”, Manager advised. “We have come to speak to your consciences and guarantee you that the ACC will continue to take tough actions to deal with corruption and work with institutions and communities to continue to deal with corruption”, she underscored.

Public Education Officer, ACC North East, Aiah Sourie, in his statement noted that whilst the police work for and with the public, there is no gainsaying that they are under constant pressure from lawless individuals who attempt to distort the course of justice in their selfish interest. He, therefore, entreated the officers to always strongly resist any influence from the public to pervert justice, pointing up integrity as the best guard against corruption.

In her response, the Support Officer of the Mile 91 Police Division, Lucy Titi Lansana thanked the ACC for the meeting, noting in agreement that integrity is a prerequisite to delivering quality service to the public. She stated that the engagement was a reminder of the Commission’s commitment to working with the SLP to collectively fight graft. “I urge my colleagues to uphold the values of our profession in the midst of numerous challenges in serving the public”, she ended.


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