2023 Elections:UNPP vows to solve economic quagmire

Saa Henry Kabuta, Leader, UNPP

By Ishmael Dumbuya

National Chairman and Leader of the  United National People’s Party (UNPP), one of Sierra Leone’s oldest political parties, has told this medium that they are a better political party that can salvage the economic crisis amidst the many challenges faced by the country.

Speaking to this medium on a range of national issues, especially on the economy, Sulaiman Kamara noted  that the current state of the country’s economy is so dire that the prices of basic food commodities have sky-rocketed unprecedentedly, leaving the lay Sierra Leonean struggling to make ends meet.

He added that the UNPP is committed to preaching peace, enhancing national cohesion, and inclusiveness in decision making, noting that it was as a result of that their I996 presidential candidate, Dr. Kerefa Smart, stepped down for former President Kabbah, even though they won the elections with a landslide victory.

He further noted that even though the PR System is very difficult especially for them as smaller parties, but that they are appealing to Sierra Leoneans to see reasons and vote them in the upcoming June 24th elections, adding that UNPP is a household name in the country.

Speaking about their presidential candidate, Saa Henry Kabuta, he explained that he is a scientist who is hardworking, goal oriented, a critical thinker, tolerant and gives feedback and has worked for the Netherland Government for over 3 decades.

He added that their candidate also possesses vast knowledge in administration and that he had executed a lot of Dutch Projects courtesy of the Netherland Government, adding that if elected president he will introduce a lot of projects that will help revive Sierra Leone’s dead economy.

In the area of education, the Chairman noted that education is the bedrock of development in any nation, and that they as a party are very much determined to improve the quality of education in the country.

He noted that the current Free Quality Education Project is just a political gimmick with no quality attached to it, as purported by the government.

He ended that the UNPP is a grass root party, and cares more about the welfare and well-being of every Sierra Leonean and that the paramount objective of their aspirant and the party as a whole.


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