2023 Elections: PMDC vows to address needs of Sierra Leoneans

Running Mate for PMDC, Tony Bob Hindolo Songa

By Yusufu S. Bangura

National Chairman and Running Mate for the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC), Tony Bob Hindolo Songa, has promised that after they  win the June 24th general elections, they would address the needs and aspirations of all Sierra Leoneans.

He made the above pronouncement during an exclusive interview at their PMDC’s head office, 46 Rawdon Street in Freetown.

Speaking to this medium on series of national issues, especially on the economy, Hindolo Songa said the current state of the country’s economy is so alarming that the prices of basic food commodities have increased rapidly, thus making it difficult for most Sierra Leoneans to have three  meals a day.

He said PMDC is committed to preaching peace, enhancing national cohesion, and inclusiveness in decision making.

He further said even though the PR System is very difficult especially for them as a smaller party, but appealed to Sierra Leoneans to see reasons and vote them in the upcoming June 24th elections.

Speaking about their presidential candidate, Charles Francis Kondo Margai, he referred to him as a senior lawyer who has worked for over 30 years.

He said Margai is hardworking, goal oriented, a critical thinker, tolerant and gives feedback and has worked for the people of this country for so long.

He added that their candidate also possesses vast knowledge in the legal sector and that he had fought for so many Sierra Leoneans and has trained a lot of people in the justice sector, adding that if elected president, he will introduce a lot of reforms  that will help transform the justice sector and recover Sierra Leone’s dead economy.

“When we assume governance we will bring other people on board so we can have an inclusive government as a way to push this country forward. We have a lot of resources to tackle the economic crisis that we have been struggling to handle over the years, but if we focus on them and use them wisely, then we can create a change because we have plenty resources to make us a better, reliable and a developed nation. But it all about leadership so with our leader being a President we will move this country to another level,” he promised.

In terms of women participation, he said they have a good number of women occupying high ranking positions including Secretary-General and the Regional Chairperson.

In the area of education, Songa noted that education is the bedrock of development in any nation, and that they as a party, were very much determined to improve the quality of education in the country.

He noted that the current Free Quality Education Project is just a political gimmick with no substance as claimed by the government.

He said when they assume power, they will invest more in education to make it meaningful to all Sierra Leoneans.

“My final message to Sierra Leoneans is for us to be law abiding and peaceful citizens because hate speech will not bring peace to this country. We should have the fear of God and make sure we give this country the peace it deserves as we didn’t deserve what is happening now,” he said.


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