2023 elections: 9 political parties throw support for  APC


By Ishmael Dumbuya

The leaders and senior party members of nine (9) political parties, which are part of the Consortium of Progressive Political Parties (CoPP), have officially declared their supports for the All People’s Congress Party presidential contender, Dr. Samura Kamara and running mate Chernor Maju Bah at the Robert Hall, Robert Street, Freetown.

In his address to the gathering in the hall, the flagbearer aspirant for the All People’s Congress Party (APC) Dr. Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara, thanked and applauded CoPP and the political parties’ leadership for declaring their support for the APC party in ensuring that they win the June 24th election, amidst the hardship orchestrated by the ruling Sierra Leone’s Peoples Party (SLPP) government.

He went on to state that political parties within CoPPP have really demonstrated their patriotism, and are determined to see the brutal administration of Maada Bio voted out, adding that Sierra Leone has witnessed the worst economic system under the SLPP government.

Speaking on the importance of the Consortium, Dr. Samura explained that since its formation, the consortium is geared towards forming an alliance that will not only win the coming elections but to reinstate the lost values and the derailed direction the Bio-led government has taken. 

Toni Songa, the Chairman for the Peoples Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC), stated that they as a party have decided to join the consortium in declaring their support for Samura Kamara as president in the June 24election because they believed in his leadership and they are of the conviction that he can return and stabilize the economy of the country as it were over the past 7 years.

Femi Claudius Cole, Chairperson for the Unity Party, and Chairperson for the Consortium of Progressive Political Parties (CoPPP), gave a brief background on the CoPPP. She explained that the Consortium is composed of individual opposition parties that have agreed to work together to defend and fortify democracy in Sierra Leone and to this end shall collaborate in joint peaceful actions whenever there is a perceived or definite threat to their democratic rights.

She said CoPP was also formed to represent their members or to function individually or collectively as political parties, adding that this is why they have unilaterally decided to support Samura Kamara in order that he can liberate Sierra Leone from dictatorship.

Ms. Cole added that the SLPP government has committed a lot of human rights abuses, particularly after the August 10th protest, where innocent women were arrested and detained for no just cause.

The Deputy Chairman of the APC party, Ambassador Foday Yansaneh, campaigned that if the people of Sierra Leone really need salvation they should support and vote Samura Kamara as President, adding that the economic liberation lies in the hands of Samura Kamara and the APC party.

In attendance were representatives of all the 9 political parties, including Dr. Dennis Bright, former Chairman of the National Grand Coalition (NGC), who also threw his support for Dr. Samura Kamara.


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