Why Kanja Resigned?


By Abubakar Hashim

I’ve known Alhaji Ibrahim Kanja Sesay for over 40 years. I was introduced to him by a lawyer, Umaru Barrie, when he was the resident representative of Catholic Relief Services CRS in Freetown. I was then the correspondent of the African Concord Magazine, owned by late Chief MKO Abiola.

He elevated the profile of CRS in Sierra Leone. He appeared friendly, warm but a forthright disciplinarian.

Kanja entered politics on the portrait of President Bio and was one of his key point men.

When President Bio emerged victorious in 2018, Kanja eyed the Finance Ministerial position, but President Bio preferred an economist in the Finance Ministry. With a track record with the Breton Woods institutions of the World and the IMF.

J J Saffa was then appointed, with Kanja settling for the Energy portfolio.

Sources said he was informed by the President that the Energy sector is more demanding and technical that needs an astute person like Kanja.

He was appointed in 2018 as the country’s Energy Minister.

His first task was to reform the sector, especially the Turkish Karpowership contract. He saved the country 18 million dollars.

He resigned on principles. There was a relative cash constraint by government due to limited fiscal space.

Kanja wanted immediate solution in the Enegy sector in the capital city that lasted two weeks uninterruptedly.

The longest serving Energy Minister resigned to safeguard his integrity and personality profile.


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