Sharing of violence videos:SLP to clamp down on defaulters

Inspector General of Police, William Fayia Sellu

By Yusufu S. Bangura

The Sierra Leone Police (SLP) has issued a stern warning to those that are in the habit of sharing audio and texts messages that depict violence in the country, noting that defaulters will face the full force of law.

The country now has a Cyber Security and Crime Act which criminalizes such conduct.

Updating journalists after the June 24 elections, the Sierra Leone Police said some audios and text messages making rounds on social media have created so many distractions in the country, even after the election results have been announced and called on the general public to ignore such messages.

“The authors of such videos, audios and texts give the impression that they are depicting scenes of violence perpetrated by jubilant celebrants following the announcement of the outcome of the recently concluded elections,” police said.

 “The videos, audios or texts in questions are very old events, some of which did not even occur in Sierra Leone,” SLP says.

In that circumstance, the SLP has called on the public to ignore such materials and to further make efforts to fact-check all social media postings before reaching any conclusion.

“Since the elections are now over, everyone is admonished to refrain from acts of spreading false information meant to undermine the country’s peace and cohesion,” the  SLP states.

“Winners of the various positions in the elections must also endeavour to celebrate moderately and within the provisions of the law, including refraining from provocative behaviors.”

The SLP further assured Sierra Leoneans that the Security Sector remains alert and fully committed to providing the much needed security for everyone in the country and urged the public to reach out to the national situation room on the 119 toll-free on all mobile networks in the country.


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