President Bio commends LRMG for committing to constructs steel factory in S/L


President Julius Maada Bio, has in a Press release dated Friday 1st March, commended Leone Rock Metal Group for committing to construct Steel Plant factory in Sierra Leone, to promote beneficiation of iron ore.

The President was hosted by the China Kingho Energy Group, a Parent Company of Leone Rock Metal Group, and had the opportunity to tour the Steel plant factory owned by a partner company, Chengde Jianlong Special Steel Co. Ltd.

According to the release, President Bio commended LRMG for a track record of delivering on its promises. He also welcomed the idea of the construction of the steel factory and described the experience at the steel plant as an eye-opener to the beneficiation of the iron ore.

“All over we see ‘made in China’. With this steel factory, we want to see made in Sierra Leone. We will give you all the support because this venture is important for the development of our nation. I assure you of personal support,” President Bio stated.

The release also noted that the President of China Kingho Energy Group, Colin Ding, thanked President Bio for visiting the Steel Plant.

He said that there is a significant gap in Steel Production in Africa and the lack of steel enterprises, especially in the West Africa region.

He continued that Sierra Leone’s current mineral resources were being exported directly with low added value, adding that the added value of its mineral resources would promote the manufacturing industry, increase employment opportunities, and drive development of the national economy.

The release further highlighted the various projects being undertaken by Leone Rock Metal Group such as establishing a ‘Perennial rice planting base to support Agricultural development, creating a West Africa logistics centre to build an international logistics distribution base for the entire West African region and building a national shipping logistics system for the transportation of bulk goods from China to Africa.

Also in the release, the Chief Executive Officer of LRMG, Gilbert Zhao revealed that the construction of the steel plant was expected to start in 2025 and that the steel production would be part of the phase III cycle.

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