IPAM SU election: Alleged administrative interference worries candidate

Ishmail Fofanah sandwiched by colleague student expressing concerns to newsmen.

By Alhaji Haruna Sani

After securing 62.25% while the other candidates manage to pull 22.65%, 0.67%, 0% and 14.18% respectively as per election status report, Ishmail Fofanah has called on the Chief Electoral Commissioner of the Institute of Public Administration (IPAM) to announce the official result with immediate effect.

On Saturday 22nd October, 2022 student of IPAM (IPAMERS) voted via biometric elections for the person(s) they want to be their legal mouthpiece in aligning their interests to that of the Administration’s interests.

Results which were supposed to be announced immediately after pools ended on Saturday 6:30pm are yet unannounced.

Following the unprecedented delay in announcing the result, designate winner, Ishmail Fofanah has on Tuesday, 25th October, 2022 informed newsmen that he was worried over possible interference of the IPAM administration in directing and dictating the work of the Chief Electoral Commissioner (CEC). 

“I went into this contest with four of my colleagues. All of us were given equal opportunities to go through all the legal processes; before, during and after the close of polls by 6:15 in the evening hours of Saturday 22nd day of October 2022. Throughout these periods, there was no official objections, complaints of irregularities neither any form of violence,” Ishmail informed newsmen.

He said the election went on successfully in the presence of all the key stakeholders, adding that the aspirants were fully and adequately represented. He said at the final close of polls, the final results were validated representing the total votes of students who made the sacrifice to cast their votes.

“From the total votes casted, I was able to secure 62.25% while the other candidates manage to pull 22.65%, 0.67%, 0% and 14.18% respectively.  These votes represent the views and wishes of fellow IPAMERS. Therefore, it behooves the Electoral Commissioner pursuant to chapter:3 Article: 11 of IPAM SUG Constitution which reads: Except as provided in this Constitution, the Electoral Commission in the performance of its functions, shall not be subject to the directions or control of any person or authority”

 Ishmail went on to state that section 2 (1) of same speaks of the supremacy of the Constitution.

 He affirmed that as per the University’s constitution it is within the powers of the Commissioner to publish the Provisional Results as he receives complaints or petitions and NOT after the formal hearings of whatever alleged concerns an aggrieved party has.

Ishmail quoted Articles: 9 (1), (a, b, c, d, and e) to justify the aforementioned claim.

He said it is a best practice even at national politics for the Electoral Commissioner to publish the total valid votes casted before hearing of complaints or concerns especially where there was none before, and during the electioneering process.  

“I am therefore calling on the CEC to respect and uphold the tenets of this constitution by announcing the official results of 22nd Oct 2022 election with immediate effect”.


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