Samura tells supporters: I will never ever betray my people

Dr. Samura M.W Kamara addressing his supporters

By Yusufu S. Bangura

The June 24th Presidential candidate of the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC), Dr. Samura Matthew Wilson Kamara, has told his supporters and party stakeholders that he will never ever betray their trust because they are his strength.

“Let me, on the eve of the forthcoming inter-party dialogue, essentially between the APC and the illegitimate Paopa regime, humbly assure you all that I have not and will never betray your trust and confidence. You are always on my mind, in my prayers, and in my plans to build back a stable, peaceful, united and prosperous nation. The party leadership has been and remains very coherent and is firmly determined to advance the interests of the people. Our regular interaction with the international community in our quiet moments has further strengthened the Party’s resolve to build a sustainable peaceful, united, democratic and resourceful nation,” he ended.

While addressing his supporters at the party’s head office in Freetown, Kamara said the deliberate actions of the Chief Electoral Commissioner, Mohamed Konneh and his cohorts of the Commission, in the June 2023 elections, stands as an unforgivable sin against the people of Sierra Leone.

He added that Konneh is arrogantly unaware of the fundamental and disastrous implications of his carefully and consciously designed electoral fraud and he has shown no regret or remorse regarding what he has brought upon the people, the loyal voters and the country.

“The people voted for me because they strongly believe that I will credibly work with them to address our abject poverty, a polarized nation and an unbearable rise in the cost of living with the Leone on a free fall, and the cost of basic necessities including fuel, food, transportation, healthcare, education, housing and household electricity rising exponentially since 2018, but Konneh went ahead and announced unverified results, thereby claiming victory and re-election of President Julius Maada Bio,” he said.

He said the reason why they should encourage and participate in the political dialogue is that it’s the key product of his short meeting with President Bio considered by both of them as the most peaceful recourse to resolve the existing political impasse.

Kamara further said the dialogue is meant to give peace and diplomacy a chance in solving an impasse that puts the integrity and dishonesty of Konneh and the ECSL at the center, adding that the two are one and they must realise that their action has put the country at the highest risk of development vulnerability and political instability, which has resulted in a funding squeeze and a tarnishing of the country’s image.

Dr. Samura went on to say that, the dialogue will also help the country to unravel the truth before Sierra Leoneans and the rest of the world.

“Most importantly, the dialogue offers a unique opportunity for Sierra Leoneans to right the wrongs of the just concluded June 24 elections and restore our democracy which has been ruined because of the quest for power and control by the Bio regime.


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