Market Watch: Drop in exchange rate: Traders say prices of commodities remain the same


with: Elizabeth J. Kamara

Market Watch is a column that looks at the prices of basic commodities and other valuable items in various markets across Freetown. It seeks the views of traders as well as customers on the sales of their goods and prices at which the least consumer buys.

In this edition of market watch, Concord Times Elizabeth J. Kamara interviewed some shop owners and customers dealing in food stuff in Freetown to know the changes that have taken place as the exchange rate has drastically dropped.

Momoh Kaiwu, who deals in foreign exchange, said since the exchange rate has dropped on the eve of elections, it was time for business people to work together as one to reduce the prices in food items.

“My message to business people is for them not to increase prices of commodities as election is fast approaching and they should make sure that they reduce prices on some food items as the exchange rate is beginning to fall,” he said

Abie Conteh, a dealer in palm oil stated that the prices of foodstuffs increased daily because most food stuffs are imported and not enough for Sierra Leoneans. She said the fall in exchange was yet to create any effect on the prices of food stuffs.

“I want to advise Sierra Leoneans to vote wisely and should not vote in favour of any political party, but rather they should vote for person that can change the face of this country,” she said.

Below are the current prices of food Items at Dove cot market

OilBig gallonNle650.00Nle640.00
OilSmall gallonNLe360.00Nle340.00
Big joe50kgNle650.00Nle650.00
Big joe25kgNle350.00Nle350.00
Broken parboil50kgNle670.00Nle670.00
Broken parboil25gkNle340.00Nle340.00
PepperPer cupNle7.00Nle3.00
PineappleFor oneNle25.00Nle15.00
OnionsFor 3Nle25.00Nle10.00
SugarPer cupNle7.500Nle7.00
Bama mayonnaiseBig bottleNle90.00Nle90.00
BamaSmall bottleNle35.00Nle35.00
Oil1 pintNle15.00Nle11.500
Palm oil1 pintNle10.00Nle8.00
GariePer cupNle5.00Nle4.00
EggFor 1Nle5.00Nle5.00


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