Man alleged of fraud held in custody


By Mohamed Bangura (intern)

Saidu Sheriff Sesay appeared before Magistrate Mark Ngeba of Court No 1, facing charges of obtaining money by pretenses.

The accused is currently standing trial for one count of larceny, as per Section 32 (1) of the Larceny Act of 1916.

According to the police, on January 18, 2023, at the Access Bank building located at No 30 Siaka Steven Street in Freetown, Western Area, Sierra Leone, Saidu Sheriff Sesay obtained the sum of five hundred United States Dollars ($500), which is equivalent to eleven thousand five hundred new Leones (Nle 11,500), from Aminata Bangura through pretenses.

It is claimed that Sheriff falsely promised to assist Bangura’s brother, Osman Bendu, in traveling to France, despite being aware that the statement was untrue.

Testifying in court as the prosecution Witness 1 (PW1), Aminata Bangura recounted the events of January 18, 2023.

She stated that while she was working at Access Bank, the accused, Sheriff, approached her and collected five hundred United States Dollars. According to Bangura, Sheriff informed her that the total travel expenses would amount to four thousand five hundred United States dollars ($4,500). Furthermore, he assured her that by paying the initial sum of five hundred United States dollars, the visa process would commence, and Osman Bendu would be able to travel to France within two weeks.

Feeling uncertain about the situation, Bangura sought legal advice from a lawyer named Yadama. Both parties signed an agreement stipulating that any breach of the agreement would entitle either party to pursue legal action. However, as time passed, Sheriff failed to provide any positive updates or respond to Bangura’s calls. Eventually, he contacted her to inform her that he would assist her son-in-law in traveling to America before proceeding to France.

Disturbed by the lack of progress, Bangura reported the matter to the police station in Bamoi, Kambia district. Following this, the case was transferred to the Criminal Investigation Department in Freetown.

The trial of Saidu Sheriff Seasay continues, and the court will evaluate the evidence presented to determine his guilt or innocence regarding the charges of obtaining money by pretense. The matter was adjourned to the 25th of September 2023.


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