Convict sentenced to two years imprisonment for fraudulent conversion


By Ibrahim Kabba Turay

Justice Monfred Sesay of the High Court No.1 in Freetown has sentenced Mohamed Kabba to two years imprisonment on one count indictment of fraudulent conversion.

According to the indictment on the face of the charge sheet, the convict was charged on a one count indictment of fraudulent conversion of property contrary to Section 20(1) (IV) (a) of the Larceny Act 1916.

The convict  conspired with others unknown between the 1st April and 30th April 2018 , at Lower Pipeline, Calaba Town in Freetown, fraudulently converted to his own use and benefit certain property-one(1) TVS Motor bike with registration number AQE 550 valued eight million two hundred thousand Leones, entrusted to him by Mohamed Massaquoi for commercial purpose.

The accused upon his arraignment pleaded guilty to the charge when the file was read and explained to him.

State prosecutor S.C Kekura Esq gave brief fact of the matter, stating that the convict was a friend of the complainant.

He said the accused went to the complainant’s residence  and requested his friend to entrust him the said motor bike for commercial purpose, to which the complainant agreed.

He continued that the accused took the said bike and travelled to Guinea and sold it to a certain unknown man for the sum of 3 Million Leones and travelled to Burkina Faso and then to Algeria and landed in Libya.

According to the state prosecutor, the accused wanted to travel to Italy but got diverted because the sea was very rough.

State also continued that the accused got deported to Sierra Leone where he was apprehended by the complainant.

The accused pleaded for mercy. Defense Counsel from Legal Aid Board C.Tucker pleaded for mercy for and on behalf of the accused person.


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