AWWO donates learning materials to pupils

AWWO) Green Movement founder Bawoh donating books

By Yusufu S. Bangura

In order to support the Free Quality Education, Always Work With Others (AWWO) Green Movement, has on Friday 22nd September, launched the first phase of donation of school learning materials to primary schools in the east end of Freetown.

The movement donated over two thousand five hundred (2,500) of both exercise and text books, plus thousands of other relevant school learning materials to hundreds of pupils.

Speaking to pupils during the donation ceremony, the National Coordinator of AWWO Green Movement, Umar Fuad Bawoh, said the aim of the donation was to support President Bio’s vision to change the tale of education for vulnerable children in the country.

The founder said he wanted to draw attention to issues affecting students in the country where pupils face challenges of being educated, adding that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and fostering socio economic development, yet countless children in impoverished areas are deprived of that fundamental right.

This lack of access hinders the ability of pupils to acquire knowledge that involves in critical thinking, and developing necessary skills for their future endeavours.

The founder further said that, a child is eager to learn and explore the world, but being faced with the reality of not having the necessary materials to support their education, they are denied the opportunity to gain knowledge and pursue their dreams.

“This situation not only perpetuates the cycle of poverty, but it also hampers our society’s potential for growth and progress,” he said.

Bawoh believes that they can make a difference by coming together as a community to bridge the gap and ensure that all children have access to learning materials irrespective of their socio-economic backgrounds. This effort requires collaboration from various stakeholders, including governments, educational institutions, businesses, Non-Governmental Organizations and individuals.

He stated that once they have a clear understanding of the needs, they could work towards establishing partnerships with publishers, bookstores and organizations that can provide learning materials at affordable rates. This approach not only gives them access to learning materials but also helps address the issue of limited access to physical books.

He concluded that lack of access to learning materials in poor communities is an issue that demands immediate attention and that they cannot stand idly while countless children are denied their right to the free quality education. He called on them join hands and support the President Bio initiatives that aims to providing learning materials to pupils in impoverished areas.

Keynote speaker, Hon Isata Daramy, applauded the historical benchmark of Umar Fuad Bawoh for taking such responsibility to compliment the presidential developmental campaign of President Bio. She noted that thousands of pupils have benefitted from the donation of the AWWO Green Movement founder.

Speaking on behalf of the beneficiaries, Mohamed Sankoh, a JSS 1 pupil thanked the founder for giving them the school learning materials and promised that they will make good use of the materials.


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