Fighting in Parliament: Three APC MPs declared wanted 

The three APC MPs

By Jariatu S Bangura 

Following a request letter from the Inspector General of Police, Fayai Sellu, the Speaker of Parliament through the Office of the Clerk of Parliament, will today decide whether to release or not to release the three Members of Parliament of the main opposition All People’s Congress(APC),who were alleged to have involved in the fight that erupted in Parliament, for investigations. 

A report compiled by the Clerk of Parliament alleged that based on eye witnesses, coupled with Parliamentary footages captured by the CCTV, Hon. Aaron Aruna Koroma of Constituency 048, Hon. Lahai Marah of Constituency 042, Hon. Abdul Karim Kamara of Constituency 059 and the driver of Hon. Kellie Kamara of Lungi, perpetuated the violence in the Well of Parliament.

After listening to the Clerk, Presiding Speaker acknowledged receipt of the report from the Clerk’s office and promised to take his time to study it and  then give his reactions by the next adjourned date, which is today (28th Monday).

Reading the report, Hon. Paran Tarawally, recalled the violence that occurred, which disrupted sittings with  persons injured and property destroyed.

He disclosed that police invitations have already been issued for the said perpetrators to be interviewed by the police, and requested that the Speaker through the office of the Clerk, releases the above listed MPs for investigations.

He said the Criminal Investigations Department had visited Parliament and had taken inventory of property destroyed during the fight.

Hon. Tarawally further claimed that the property destroyed during the incident cost NLe380,000.


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