By: Winstanley. R. Bankole Johnson

One or both of two things are most likely to have informed the Chief Minister J.J Saffa’s unfortunate statement that: “No Man Born Of A Woman Can Stop President Bio’s Re-election” are: (a): Bigotry – hinged on the audacity or arrogance of incumbency and (b): Empty threats or what we call in Krio “Opinkol”.

Here was the same man of yore who under five years ago allegedly experienced much difficulty predicting his next sachet of “Pega” now talking so condescendingly to us the very electorate whose social contract he and his government have betrayed. And that is exactly where evidences of bigotry hinged on the audacity and arrogance of incumbency emanates, which fits squarely into a favourite adage of my late Grandparents that and I quote them:  “If you want to know the true character of anyone expose him/her money and power” – Unquote.

Wrong Diagnosis

JJ Saffa now inarguably seems to have both political power and money in excess, and for which in his present more sophisticated circumstances has caused him to drop his original “Nomme de Guerre” of “JJ Blood”, emboldening him further to make the same inadvertent mistakes some of the greatest medical practitioners of our time continue to make that is resulting in the loss of valuable patient lives to wit: Wrong Diagnosis” – and to proceed to “Opinkol” the surviving family members with the wrong reasons for the causes of deaths on top of the bargain, to silence them  into subservience and submission.

In other words by his disdainful utterances under reference, JJ Saffa, has wrongly diagnosed that his case (and that of his SLPP government) with the electorate is a matter between flesh and blood. It isn’t! And as the Pentecostal Preachers would put it, JJ Saffa and SLPP’s case with the electorate “is different”, because between now and the next June 24th elections, they will be wrestling not with flesh and blood or to put it in his own words: “Man (or Woman) Born Of A Woman”, but with the Principality of God Himself, whose “Spirit” by all indications would appear to have deserted the SLPP long ago.  How else would any government functionary knowing full well that they are failing in their Manifesto promises become so audaciously arrogant as to throw such an unguarded challenge or “Opinkol” to us the electorate?


Perhaps I should revisit a few of the fundamental failures of the many Manifesto promises of this government to show why JJ Saffa and his government will never win this ongoing “Spiritual” battle with the “Principal” above:

  • The SLL/USD Exchange Rate which they met at Le7/USD in Year 2018 is now trading at Le1,800/USD (and likely rising to above Le2k by end December)
  • Fuel Pump Price has increased under their watch from Le6  to Le18/Litre (with a rumoured projection of it rising to Le25/Litre within the next few days for citizens on the same Y2018 low per capita scales
  • The Bread and Butter Issues JJ Saffa Championed to come to power remains unsolved, instead he “back-talked” us into finding alternatives without providing the enabling circumstances.
  • He audaciously and most provocatively insulted our collective intellect by callously telling us that even if we changed four or five Finance Ministers, our economy will never improve. In all of that the President unfortunately did not think it expedient to have sacked him there and then/pronto. Add to that also a recent social media confession by the President that by the way thing are going in the world he “cannot help the people of this country”.


So does the Chief Minister still think with just the above few indicators and worse more failures recorded in the areas of: (a). Curbing corruption (b). Reducing Inflation (c) Diversifying the economy via agriculture (d). Reducing the Wage bill and blocking leakages (e). Reducing High levels of unemployment accentuated by discriminatory recruitment processes (f). Persistent harassment of opposition elements and selective application of the Justice and Rule of Law (g). A toxic and polarized political environment threatening political tolerance, peaceful co-existence national stability etc. he can muster the “courage” to “Opinkol” us the electorate that: “No Man (or Woman) Born Of A Woman Can Stop President Bio’s Re-Election”? Or even that the “Principal” above will motivate the electorate into re-electing President Bio for another five years?

Is he not aware should that (God forbid) happens, over four million of us (including a good many of us whose unserved contractual office tenures were unceremoniously abrogated under “Executive Powers an without pay, and who: “… not share the same ethical values with President Bio…..” will continue unproductive, unemployed and likely to wallow and die in penury? “Don oona wan cam bak?” (You still want re-election?)


As a matter of fact one pro-SLPP Tabloid (DAY-BREAK Newspaper) was so irked by Chief Minister’ JJ Saffa’s ungirded statements that they acknowledged in their 11th November publication that it hasn’t “…..gone down well within the SLPP membership, not to talk of the opposition parties….”, because they not only considered them “undiplomatic”, but that they also exposed him as “unfit” for his present post. I couldn’t agree more with the Editor, having regard to sustained SLPP in-house appeasement efforts by major influencers to mend fences and to keep thousands of their still unemployed and already disgruntled grassroots supporters to continue to be patient, as President Bio is promising them that their own time to enjoy if he wins a second term in office.

But according to a good many of them that possibility is looking bleak because even when the President recently visited the Living Word of Faith Cathedral on Sunday 11th September, the General Overseer and Man of God Bishop Akintayo Sam-Jolly DID NOT clarify it to him that by his  statements (definitely made under the “Anointing”)  that  “….We’re going to see better days better days Sierra Leone” was no inference to his Chief Guest Worshipper that those “better days”  were going to happen under his continued watch as President of the present political dispensation, whose Chief Minister has publicly cursed our nation into eternal damnation that “….Even if we changed four or five Finance Ministers the economy of this country will never improve”. 

And God being a good listener, why would He (God) go against those fervent petitions of His handiwork (JJ Saffa) to make this country prosper with SLPP in power? That is why I insist the battle of JJ Saffa is “Spiritual”, and not between him and any “Man (or Woman) Born of A Woman”, because the SLPP will definitely be exiting power come 24th June 2023, thus fulfilling the Scriptures for JJ Saffa as recorded in the Holy Book of Proverbs Ch.6:2 – “That by the words of his own mouth will he be snared”.

African politicians like playing what I would describe as “Placebo Politics” (the politics of placating the gullible) either by making audacious statement hinged on the arrogance of incumbency or to “Opinkol” them into continued loyalty even unto the polls. Up to a week before the 2018 elections, the APC and Ernest Bai Koroma under the arrogance of incumbency mustered over five hundred military personnel to parade major streets of the Central Business Districts possibly to also “Opinkol” and influence the electorate into voting in their favour.  The people spectated in awe, but voted their conscience. A repeat of that same “conscientized” voting pattern is expected in the June 2023 multi-tier elections, under the watchful surveillance of the International Community that has already committed much funding into a Free, Fair, Credible, Transparent and INCLUSIVE elections. Inclusive there means no matter for how long more the Judiciary or PPRC takes on any and all ongoing APC matters, the Party will definitely be contesting those elections.

Perhaps the one true credible sign to convince every responsible citizen (including their party rank and file) that this evidence of “audacity or arrogance of incumbency and “Opinkol” aside, JJ Saffa and the entire SLPP executives know full well and within their heart of hearts that they will not be re-elected into office for another five years is that no leader or political party guaranteed of a second term in office, would so hastily craft such luscious and mouth-watering severance benefits for themselves in the 2023 Financial Appropriation Bill for ratification by Parliament and subsequent Presidential assent this early.  


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