Not Eligible?


Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr may be disqualified! 

January 8, 2018 By Patrick Jaiah Kamara & Ishmael Sallieu Koroma


National Electoral Commission (NEC) has deferred the nomination of All Peoples Congress mayoral candidate for Freetown, Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr, until Thursday, amid a legal controversy.

The electoral body postponed her nomination after it became apparent that Ms. Sawyer is not a registered voter in the Western Urban District, where she has been awarded symbol to contest as Mayor of Freetown.

She had registered in the Western Rural District, where she was residing during the registration process, although she has reportedly moved to Lumley.

According to Section 3(c)(i) of the Local Government Elections (Nomination of Candidate) Regulation of 2008 each candidate shall provide “proof of registration as an elector in the award of locality of candidacy.”

This recent development could cause the ruling party huge embarrassment, especially the Secretary General Osman Foday Yassaneh, who was seen in a closed door meeting with NEC officials, apparently to get NEC into capitulating on the seeming legal crisis.

Inside the nomination hall, Yvonne’s entourage comprised a bevy of women who chanted ‘This time we want a woman to represent the face of the city’.

Several cross references were made at the nomination desk between her lawyer Roland Nylander and NEC officials with regards the discrepancy as the address on her voter ID card and nomination form.

In a rather dramatic fashion, her lawyer handed over a Court Order to NEC officials, apparently secured in anticipation of this legal conundrum, and threatened that should the commission fail to act upon it, “we would institute a contempt proceeding against the commission.”

Outside the NEC office, supporters clad in bright red were seen drumming and dancing as they awaited the return of their candidate.

When she eventually emerged from the nomination building, Ms. Aki Sawyer refused to comment on the matter, noting that it was a legal matter and that her lawyers would be the best to comment.

“This is a legal matter and I would refer you to my lawyers. But honestly, I am so excited that you (journalists) are here. I hope you stay with us as we continue to work towards the path of me becoming the Mayor of Freetown City Council and restore the hope of taxpayers,” she said.

Meanwhile, NEC has intimated that they would be going to court on Thursday to ascertain the veracity of the said Court Order, which was apparently obtained without their notice.