Youth protest over abandonment of corpse in the street


By Ishmael Dumbuya

Irate Youth of Shell Community in the eastern part of Freetown have raised concerns over the failure of the Freetown City Council to collect an unknown woman who had been lying in the community for days now without being taken for burial or identification.

In an interview with the chairman of the Shell Youth, Abdul Bangura, he said they were demonstrating their frustrations because the Freetown City Council allegedly neglected its responsibility of collecting the corpse from the street.

He continued that the unknown deceased, who no one could tell how she came into the community, was sometimes seen at the back of Shell Police Station sick and homeless.

“She had been around the police station for months,” he stressed.

He added that the deceased was then taken to a nearby hospital within the community for treatment.

Abdul Bangura went on to state that the deceased came into picture while they were doing a cleaning exercise around Shell and that, at 12 mid-day the woman was eventually found dead after struggling for some time.

“We alerted the Freetown City Council and the police about the incident, but no action was taken. Since we noticed the death of the woman, we called the councilor and the authorities and reported,” Chairman Bangura disclosed to this medium.

He also explained that the police, councilor and the FCC came and took photos, but did nothing after they left the scene.


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