“Youth Ministry sidelines NAYCOM in project implementation”


-Program Manager

March 28, 2019

By Dusuba Koroma

Momodu Wudie Program Manager NAYCOM

Program Manager at the National Youth Commission (NAYCOM), Momodu Wudie, has testified that the Commission was sidelined in the implementation of the four projects that were initiated by the Ministry of Youth Affairs.

Wudie declined knowledge of certain documents displayed to him by State Counsel, Kadija Bangura, indicating evidences of NAYCOM being part and parcel of the implementation of the projects.

He emphasized that “ we did not participate in any of their implementation as all of these documents I am only seeing them for the very first time.”

 He admitted that there was a tension between the Commission and the Ministry, but could not ascertain as to whether it was based on the projects’ implementation or some other issues, stating that the question should be forwarded to the former Commissioner, Anthony A. Koroma.

Wudie continued that he was aware of the four projects implemented by the ministry and that his former boss, Anthony A. Koroma, developed a program document for youth agenda which they had wanted to roll out.

“It was shared with the then Minister, Alimamy A. Kamara and after some time, nothing was heard from him or the ministry. It was later we learnt from the news that the ministry was launching series of programs to be rolled out,” he explained.

He narrated that most of the programs were within the agenda of NAYCOM, but that the ministry coined the title of the programs differently.

“Despite all the approaches, we were happy because the program was targeting youth and so we never took part in its implementation, but the ministry,” he narrated.

The witness said NAYCOM is charged with the responsibility of creating employment opportunities for youth and developing medium and long term strategies for youth development in Sierra Leone.

He added that the commission also initiates youth development programs with governmental and nongovernmental bodies.

“We register youth groups and other youth organizations because we are the implementing wing of the ministry with the right expertise and man power,” he added.