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Young US based S/Leonean set to hit entertainment industry

August 26, 2020

By Hassan G. Koroma

Stephan Tamba Bayoh, a young Sierra Leonean musician based in the United States of America, has stated that he is set and ready to hit the entertainment industry in Sierra Leone with his music.

The youngster, who is commonly called ‘Mr. Best,’ told Concord Times in an exclusive interview that he has always loved music as a kid since he was in primary school.

 He said when he went to secondary school he joined the UN Radio kids Program, voice of Children, and he used the platform to promote his musical ambition and that he was writing songs during school days.

He said he later went to the United States to study Information Technology, but that his study was stalled due to certain reasons.

He told Concord Times that music has been his only source of joy and comfort, and that he has always been around it and always loved it.

He said he had released his debut 15 songs album in 2018 and recently in 2020, he also released a joint album with a young a Sierra Leonean, who is a music producer based in California.

 “I’m genre fluid, meaning I am comfortable with any genre of music. I can rap, write and sing music. But  I prefer the hip-hop side especially on afro-beats, because  I feel I can connect more with people through a rhythmic spoken word and also give out messages and positive vibrations and energy,” he said.

“The difference I am bringing into the industry I guess is not much, because I am just being me. People say I am different but I don’t notice this as I just strive to be me. I cannot be confined, meaning; I can’t be trapped in a box. Everything that people would forbid other artists to do, I will do it because there’s only one person who can confine me and that is God,” he said.

He further stated that he has very good relationship with most artists especially ‘those within my age bracket and even those that came before me.

 He said he has a song titled ‘Gee Den’ in which he featured big artists like TBJ, Menace Da General, Shadow Boxxer, Prodigy and Drizilik.

“As I stated earlier that I am genre fluid, likewise I am concept fluid. I make all sorts of music especially party jams because I like to party and I like to have fun. I also preach in my songs like actual religious almost gospel type songs,” he said.

He said he wanted the world to know that Sierra Leoneans are very smart, talented, wise and humble people.

 “Now we see how the attention of the world has shifted towards Africa. Nigeria is being heard right now as well as other great African nations, but the small men in the room can make the greatest impact and we need to be heard too,” he said.

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