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Young philanthropist provides for Muslims in Constituency 31, 32

May 24, 2019

Charlie Boye shows love for Muslims

A young Sierra Leonean philanthropist based in the United States, Charlie Boye, has provided cash donations running into millions of Leones to Muslims, who observed the Holy Month of Ramadan in both Constituency 31 and 32 in the Bombali District, Northern Sierra Leone.

Charlie Boye, commonly known as Bamine, is a Christian by faith, but decided to do the donation as goodwill move towards his area where he was nurtured.

He said his donation has no political undertone but one meant to share love with his family at home.

“I am a Christian but I believe in the religious tolerance that we are so enjoying in Sierra Leone. I have enormous love and respect for Islam as well as my people at home, hence decided to extend goodwill with the little I have. I need not be a rich man to share with my people. I have love and passion for them and would continue to do my best by providing for them whenever the need arises,” he said.

He told Concord Times that he is in the US but that he is always thinking about his people at home and that he would continue to do more in the future.

Some of the beneficiaries of the cash heaped praises on the young man, whom they said has done something unique for the Muslim community in the area.

“We are grateful for the donation and we pray that God continue to guide and protect him. The fact that he is in the US and thought of providing for us here, means a lot. He has proven beyond doubt the kind of love he has for us. To provide for Muslims during the Month of Ramadan means a lot and he would surely be blessed for that,” they said.

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