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Young innovator invents prosthetic legs for physically challenge people

November 26, 2021

By Isata Turay (Intern)

“I was inspired by a young disable girl called Alice. Upon hearing her story, the discrimination she faces at school and all the bullies from her friends, I empathized with her and that is why I decided to invent these prosthetic claim legs that match her skin color. Now, Alice can work with it comfortably. She can jump with it, walks with it, kicks ball with it without being assisted,” said Sierra Leone young innovator, Emmanuel Alie Mansaray.

Emmanuel Alie Mansaray  is a young  Sierra Leonean innovator and a final year student of the Geology Department, Faculty of Engineering, Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone.

Without any funding from either the government or other partners, Emmanuel invented the Prosthetic Legs out of passion for people who are physically challenged in Sierra Leone.

“I feel good in helping Alice and others as I have put smiles on their faces and Alice is so happy having the prosthetic claim legs,” he said.

According to the young innovator, he uses local materials including plastic, rubber, sponge, pipe, leather and other materials to invent the prosthetic claim legs.

Speaking to Concord Times in an exclusive interview, Mansaray who is currently pursuing a bachelors degree in Geology, said he started the project four months ago.

He told Concord Times that he was urged by the challenges, constraints and stigma people living with disabilities are facing in the country.

“There are 8,305, disable people living in Sierra Leone, 4,890 are males and 3,405 are females. Only few of them are using prosthetic claim legs and it is those that have relatives abroad who can afford it because it is too expensive,” he said.

Mansaray said he invented the prosthetic claim legs in order to enable his disabled brothers and sisters to access social services and economic opportunities.

He continues that with those prosthetic claim legs they can be independent instead of being dependent.

He also said they would be giving the prosthetic claim legs for free of cost to people living with disabilities because they know that majority of the disabled cannot afford to buy it.

“I have only invented three of the prosthetic claim legs for now and it is self- funded. I wish I have financial support so that I can make as many as I can to help those disable people,” he said.

He said the prosthetic claim legs are comfortable just like the actual legs and that it is very much comfortable to use.

The young innovator told Concord Times that he is currently engaged in some research work to see how best he could make hands and fingers.

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