Young computer scientist urges gov’t to introduce technology in classroom


October 15, 2018

By Ishmael Sallieu Koroma

Mohamed Bangura and his pupils at the International Islamic Secondary School

Mohamed Bangura, a young Computer Science expert, has called on government to introduce technology in classrooms across the country, stating that it would improve education and learning among kids.

Speaking to Concord Times in an exclusive interview, Bangura said his call was due to his three year experience serving as a computer science teacher at the International Islamic Junior Secondary School, where he found out that technology has a major impact if implemented in the curriculum of everyday learning.

“One of the benefits of technology in the classroom is that it prepares students for the future. Students need to know how to use technology to communicate and collaborate in their future careers,’’ he said, adding that almost all jobs use at least one form of technology, hence students need to acquire skills relating to technology before graduating from school,” he said.

He noted that although technology could cause confusion whenever there is a technical problem, it could support a rich learning environment filled with student’s engagement and unlimited information.

“Technology increases student engagement and motivation. Technology allows teachers to engage and motivate students in new ways. Students find it highly motivational and interesting whenever they sit in front of a computer screen. They find it very entertaining and it gives them more hope and courage to always wanting to come to school,’’ he said.

The young computer scientist said a teacher speaking from a microphone within a classroom has the ability to capture the attention of every student and always has the commanding voice since he could be heard in every part of the class.

“This can also help students to be attentive. Teachers should be provided with microphones in the classroom to aid them in getting control of pupils.”

Bangura noted that before integrating technology in the classroom by adding computer devices, microphones, speakers, smart boards, TV screens and other tools to the learning environment, teachers should be aware of the advantages and the disadvantages so they could fully be prepared to handle unexpected issues or questions from parents and administrators.

“The introduction of technology in schools will encourage school admins to provide internet facility for both teachers and students around the school, to be able to connect classrooms with other classrooms around the world to broaden their learning,” he said.