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Young brothers rescued from Brazilian Amazon after nearly a month

The children — ages 7 and 9 — were found near their hometown of Manicoré by a local resident on Thursday, their father told local media. The boys — who are indigenous Mura people, who live in the central and eastern parts of Amazonas, Brazil — had been lost for 27 days.

The father said the search was “difficult” and involved police, firemen and Funai, the governmental protection agency for indigenous people. He told local media he had lost hope his sons would be found alive when a local farmer — who was also a friend of the boys’ father — found the children lying on his property. The older child shouted when he saw someone approaching him, the father said.

Rocineia Lima, a social worker assigned to the case, detailed the boys’ fight to survive, and said they worked together to be found.

“The older brother said that (at one point) the younger brother could no longer walk, so he…

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