YMCA engages slum communities on Ebola


AUGUST 26, 2014 By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

Ebola Virus Disease
Ebola Virus Disease

The Young Men Christian Association (YMCA), in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, yesterday trained over 80 people from four slum communities in Freetown on Ebola prevention.

The communities – Oloshoro in Murray Town, Kroobay, Dworazak – all in the west-end of the Freetown, and Colbot in the east-end of the city – were also given mega phones, posters, buckets, soap and hand sanitizers.

While sensitizing the Oloshoro community, Disaster Risk Reduction Coordinator of YMCA Slum Project, Abdulai Kamara, said that keeping clean is one way to prevent contracting the Ebola.

He said the YMCA is complementing the effort of the government by targeting people in slum communities, thus providing training and education of how to avoid being infected by the deadly disease.

He disclosed that they had conducted similar exercise at Goderich, and would target other slum communities in the Western Area as well as in all the 14 districts of the country for which trainings are already ongoing in Kenema, Bo and Kailahun.

He called on non-governmental organizations and state actors to take Ebola sensitization to slum areas in the country.

Representatives from the various communities promised to go back to their localities and put into practise what they have learned from the one-day training and sensitisation, to help eradicate the Ebola virus risk in the country.