YMCA engaged youths on their 2nd quadrennial Business meeting

Stakeholders& participants posed for photo

By Mohamed J Kargbo

Young Men Christian Association a non-government organization in Sierra Leone, commonly known as ‘’YMCA’’ had on Saturday the 25th November 2023, at the Freetown City Council Auditorium engaged youths and stakeholders on their 2nd quadrennial business meeting with the theme ‘’utilizing the power of youth people to deliver socially relevant programmes’’ 

The main objectives of the meeting was for them to show their report of the present chairman whose term in office is coming to an end and for them to know the way forward for a new elected chairman and his executives, and they were also there to inspired the youth on how they can grow their entrepreneurship mindsets.

Delivering his keynote speech the now chairman of the above organization in Sierra Leone Aiah Hindolo Kpakiwa said that their organization is a non-governmental movement that is helping young people in Sierra Leone and that they have engaged in so many programs to boost lively hood in the country, unlike of the Education programs, the support they give to the slums areas in the country and agricultural programs etc.   

He further said that they believed in the lifting young people to grow and they want to see them in the higher heights to support themselves, and that this organization has branches in 23 locations in the country so that makes them capable of what they are doing to help youth people not only men but women too are included, he also said that in the meeting he is going to give account to the organization of all things him and his executives has done since they take office and till date, and that this meeting is held every four years and this is the second time it has be held.

He ended by saying that the organization supports are coming from the little things peoples, partners and their membership are giving, that they are using to implement these programs to boost livelihood of Sierra Leoneans, so he encourage every individuals that want to help them to come on board because YMCA is open to everyone.

Adrian Collins the President of the Africa Alliance of YMCA  expressed that he is so delighted to be in Sierra Leone to witness this meeting and he is happy with what he saw and he commended the now chairman Mr. Kpakiwa and his executives for a job well done.

He also said that the YMCA Sierra Leone and the Africa Alliance of YMCA has a great partnership and today he is in Sierra Leone for the second time after been elected as President for four years to witness this meeting, and that Sierra Leone has always supported Senegal as they are doing in their country to boost livelihood of young people.

Mr. Collins concluded by saying that the annual meeting is an act of good governance and they must be grateful for it, and with good leadership he has seen so much change since his last visit in the country and thank to this leadership Sierra Leone is a Leader in Africa.

The Western Regional Chairman Percy A Nicholson expressed his profound gratitude for all the delegates that make it far to come to the heart of Sierra Leone which is Freetown to witness this annual meeting. 

He also commended the branch coordinators for keeping their branches alive because it’s not easy but due to them they were able to achieve so many things although it’s a great fight but they were able to tackle so many issues affecting the youths unlike of the rapid growth of drug intake, the drop out in education and the social media as well.

Mr. Nicholson ended by saying that he hopes that in the meeting they are able to bring out approaches,  that they can implement to tackle some of these burning issues in the country.


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