WOW observes Women’s History Month


March 24, 2014

With support from the government and other partners, Women of Wonders Sierra Leone (WOW-SL) is currently observing ‘Women’s History Month’ on the theme: “Weaving the stories of women’s lives into the fabric of our nation”.

According to the organisation’s founder, Josephine Kamara, the month is observed in March of every year but it is for the first time being observed in Sierra Leone.

She told newsmen on Friday (20 March) in a presser at the Ministry of Youth Affairs that this year’s celebration would reflect on the heroines who succumbed to the deadly Ebola virus disease as their dreams live on and so their legacies must be remembered.

“The celebration will also look at the contributions to national development by self-esteemed and progressive women who have passed away. Our campaign will recognise the indefatigable work of our current distinguished female personalities in all walks of life,” she stated and added that they would also target categories of vulnerable young girls.

Ms. Kamara explained that she founded WOW in 2013 during her third year in university as a result of her passion for social work, socio-economic development activities and empathy for underprivileged and marginalised young women.

According to her, with support from Peacelinks Civic Education Center, she had provided effective leadership to the organisation’s core group that participated effectively in many programmes, citing the 2013 Breast Cancer marathon in Freetown with Thinking Pink Foundation.

“50% of our members are university students/graduates with the others engaged in clerical work, catering, hair dressing and petty trading,” she said. “With support from the Gender Advisor to the President, WOW continues to inspire young women through our voluntary community outreach and advocacy on Ebola response activities on radio stations.”

She ended up by stating that they have maintained a steady voluntary social work spirit so that traumatised children from the Ebola outbreak are beginning to enjoy reassurance and confidence.