World Milk Day celebration: Aberdeen Women’s Centre receives large quantity of milk  


By Hassan G. Koroma

In a bid to raise awareness about the importance and benefits of milk consumption, Premium Divine Trading Company, a food distribution company operating in Sierra Leone and other African countries, has donated cartons of quality milk to the Aberdeen Women’s Centre.

 This generous donation coincided with the celebration of World Milk Day, observed globally on June 1st. Established by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, World Milk Day has been recognized since 2001 to highlight milk’s importance as a nutritious and affordable food.

During this year’s World Milk Day celebrations on May 31st and June 1st, Premium Divine Trading Company embarked on a massive milk education campaign.

The campaign featured a motorcade float parade starting from Cline Town to Jui in the East End of Freetown on May 31st and continuing from Cline Town to Funkia Market in the Western Area Urban on June 1st.

The company offered dry samples of Cowbell powdered milk to commuters at key points along the parade route, allowing both actual and potential consumers to enjoy the nutritional benefits of Cowbell milk.

In addition to the educational campaign, the company donated 50 cartons of Cowbell Milk to the Aberdeen Women’s Centre to support efforts against malnutrition in Sierra Leone.

During the presentation of the donation, Kenneth Konuah, Country Manager of Premium Divine Trading Ltd, emphasized the company’s ongoing support for the Aberdeen Women’s Centre.

He highlighted that the donation was part of the World Milk Day celebration, aimed at increasing awareness about the benefits of milk consumption for everyone. He noted that the milk would support pregnant women, lactating mothers, and children at the facility.

Konuah expressed his appreciation for the work done by the management and staff of the Aberdeen Women’s Centre and assured them of continued support from Premium Divine Trading Ltd.

He underscored the importance of educating the public about the nutritional benefits of Cowbell milk, which is rich in protein, calcium, and vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K, collectively known as Vitarich.

Ruth Milliken, Country Director of Aberdeen Women’s Centre, expressed deep gratitude to Premium Divine Trading Ltd for the generous donation.

She emphasized that the milk would significantly benefit the facility, particularly the busy maternity ward, by supporting pregnant women, lactating mothers, and children.

Milliken assured that the donation would be used for its intended purpose, aiding those who need it most.

Kwaku Ampadu Afoani, Head of Sales at Premium Divine Trading Ltd, highlighted the campaign’s role in promoting quality food products in Sierra Leone. He detailed the various sizes and flavors of Cowbell products available, including sachets and tins of milk, as well as flavored drinks like coffee, strawberry, coconut, Choco-Malt, and mocha. These products, produced in Ghana by

Promasidor Ghana Limited, are distributed across West Africa, with Premium Divine Trading Company Ltd serving as the sole distributor in Sierra Leone.

Afoani also mentioned other products distributed by the company, such as Onga, Miksi Chocolate and coffee drinks, Kremela, and Yumvita, an infant cereal with milk containing wheat, rice, and maize. He assured the public of the availability and high quality of their products, discouraging the use of unsafe milk products on the market.

One beneficiary, Ibrahim Sesay, a driver who participated in the milk education and sampling, commended Premium Divine Trading Company Ltd for their efforts to educate communities about the benefits of milk. He praised the nutrient-rich content of Cowbell Coffee and Milk, essential for proper growth, and encouraged everyone to choose products from Premium Divine Trading Company Ltd for their high quality and nutritional value.


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