World Amputee Football Federation certifies peace tournament


October 13, 2016 By Sahr Morris Jr.

The World Amputee Football Federation (WAFF) has reportedly sanctioned the forthcoming three-day Amputee football tournament to promote peace ahead of Ghana’s presidential and general election in December.

According to Richard Nii Amartey Adesah, Chairman of Ghana Amputee Football Association, WAFF has certified the tournament which they see as a very important move to promote peace in Ghana and whipping up interest in the sport in general.

Amputee footballer players from Sierra Leone, Liberia and host nation Ghana will play a three-day tournament in Accra on October 28-30 to promote peace ahead of Ghana’s general election in December.

Adesah said the three West African nations would play in a round robin tournament at the Accra Sports Stadium, adding that the tournament would form part of activities to support peace initiatives in Ghana before and after the December 7 polls.

Adesah said the event would be the association’s contribution to peace in Ghana and that the invitation of the two nations “is to register a strong message of peace to Ghanaians.”

“The purpose of the match is to use the story of the consequences of war in Liberia and Sierra Leone to appeal to Ghanaians to avoid violence before, during and after the elections,” Adesah said.