‘Women should be proud of assuming the role of men’


- Urges Female Machine Operator of Gento Construction Company  

March 13, 2017 By Regina Pratt

Sierra Leone last Wednesday (March 8) joined countries around the world to celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day on the theme: “Sustaining the increase in inclusive participation of women to enhance chances of socio-economic gender parity by 2030”.

The day, which was being observed since the early 90’s, was set aside by the United Nations to celebrate the economic, political and social achievements of women of present, past and future.

In an interview with Concord Times, Machine Operator of Gento Construction Company, Joyce Moseray, urged women to be proud of doing certain jobs that was largely being done by men.

She stated that some years back, especially in rural settings, people believed that it was a taboo for women to challenge decisions that were taken by men, but noted that such was a thing of the past.

“I think it is high time women moved from the backyard to the front and contribute immensely to decision making in society. Education should not be a barrier for women’s empowerment,” she said.

She noted that some people did not like seeing women operate machines because of the risk involved in performing such task.

 “Men should encourage women so that they could continue showcasing their potentials. I am calling on the government to empower women. Our sisters in the streets should be empowered so that they can live a decent life and stop running after men,” she urged.

Ms. Moseray said she joined the company in 2013 after graduating from Njala University as a data processor, and that when she went to seek employment at Gento, the director was happy with her boldness and encouraged her a lot.

She urged those young girls roaming the streets of Freetown and other parts of the country to refrain from doing things that were not profitable but rather engage themselves in things that would make them live independent life.

Also, the One Pole Sisters Keeper is an organisation currently being run by largely single parent women, who are purely fishmongers.

According to the Chairlady, Sally Cole, the organisation has been in existence for over 30 years, doing their businesses along the Lumley Beach road.

Even though the organisation had never attended any function in celebrating International Women’s Day, she noted that she has over the years engaged in advising young girls to learn something that would make them self-reliant and independent.

Madam Cole explained that she uses the proceeds she gets from selling fish to care for her children.

 “Being a woman is not a curse, but to be empowered is a blessing that their male counterparts will always admire them for. Women should not sit idle and wait for their husbands but should do something that will inspire their colleagues,” she said.

Madam Cole called on the government and the international community to help in assisting the suffering women in the country, stating that the way women were being used was not good for the country.