Woman needs US$6000 for emergency surgery in Ghana


January 13, 2017

“I am going through severe pains and I cannot sleep. Whatever I do results into pain. Even eating or drinking water could be painful to me,” narrated Yainkain Kargbo of 103 Pademba Road in Freetown.

Madam Kargbo, former Sierra Leone national team, Leone Stars cook, has been suffering from the ailment since May, 2015 and that with the help of a certain humanitarian organisation, she was able to travel to Ghana for treatment but to no avail due to lack of sufficient funds.

“I travelled to Ghana for surgery but the money was not enough to undergo the operation .They asked for $6000  but I had not more than $3000 on me then. Therefore, all the money I had then was spent on transportation and other expenses,” she explained.

Madam Kargbo was diagnosed of cancer and it has been recommended that she be flown to Ghana for treatment.

She narrated that her trouble started in 2001 when she was hit in the eye with a football.

“I underwent a surgery in Sierra Leone but the situation became worst in 2015 when my left eye projected beyond the normal,” she narrated in tears.

“I am in a serious pain and could not endure it anymore. I could lose my life if I continue in this dreadful pain.”

She is currently in need of urgent assistance and whosoever intends helping her can contact 079-918-139.