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Woman narrates secrete behind her 100 years birthday

February 22, 2021

By Alhaji Haruna Sani

Congratulation Mrs. Elizabeth Boyenneh Beatia Freeman

“I was born on the 22nd of February 1921 in Freetown Sierra Leone. When I was young I love to help the old and the aged, and I used to befriend and cherished old people a lot thus learning too many experience from them. I was so helpful and respectful to the old that, I was nicknamed “Old People’s Guide,” narrates Mrs. Elizabeth Boyenneh Beatia Freeman, who is celebrating her 100th birthday. 

Relaxed in a dark-brown old cushion chair outside her veranda, Mrs. Elizabeth Boyenneh Beatia Freeman slowly and meticulously pronounced each of the alphabets that spell her name. She was sitting together with her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

Smartly dressed in a mixed coloured “okoo lappa” her face beamed with a cheerful smile, apparently displaying a mood of gratitude. She wore a snow white shirt which was as white as her grey hair.

Mrs. Elizabeth Boyenneh Beatia Freeman was celebrating her one hundred years birthday with almost all her five senses working accurately.

She has very good eyesight with her mouth filled with small white and well positioned teeth that can be used to smash the strongest bone.

Mrs. Freeman added that she almost always helps old people cross the streets and helps them do any work that seemed challenging to them.

“I love to live in peace and harmony and I totally detest conflicts. I never easily get angry until when I am being disadvantaged, and I never get worried about worldly things because I take God as my personal friend and saviour,” she said.

The hundred years old woman observed that society has now degenerated into shamelessness and disrespect among people of the same state, regardless of age and position.

“I was living in peace and harmony with Pa Freeman my late husband, but death later came and separated us in the 80s ,” she said.

After a short pause without figuring out the specific date and year of her husband’s death, she continued explaining about her motherhood, stating that she gave birth to four children (two male and two female), but that the first and eldest son died in his youthful age.

The birthday celebrant explained how Freetown used to be during her youthful age, stating that the City was like heaven on earth, with less crowd and noise and that nature was at its best.

Mrs. Freeman added that love was prevailing throughout the city and every neighborhood cares about the wellbeing and welfare of one and other.

Life expectancy in Sierra Leone, according to recent data from the United Nations, is about 55 years. Sierra Leone is ranked in the bottom of the index, compared to other West Africa countries including Senegal where life expectancy is 68 years.

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