Witness implicates five in Goderich murder


June 23, 2017 By Memunatu Bangura

First Prosecution Witness (PW1), Sallieu Mansaray, yesterday implicated five accused persons that were being preliminarily  investigated for murder by Magistrate Albert Moody,presiding at Siaka Steven court No.2 in Freetown .

Mansaray said he first met the accused persons at Metchem, Goderich when his boss at MKD Construction Company, Sanusi Kargbo, sent him (PW1) to the caretaker at his building site, Goderich.

He recalled on 6th April, 2017 that, his boss instructed him to take three of his colleagues to help the caretaker with some work at the construction site.

Mansaray said when he arrived at the site, he met the wife of the caretaker and delivered message to her since the caretaker was not around.

He said whilst they were going together with the caretaker’s wife, they saw the five accused persons and some groups who interrogated them on what they wanted to do at the site.

“They told me not to ever go to that site and if I do, they will deal with me and my boss,” he added.
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He said when he delivered the threaten message to his boss, he replied that he bought the land from Sierra Leone Commercial Bank.

The witness said on 9th April, 2017, his boss sent them again to the site to help the caretaker, who later showed them the boundary.

According to him, a group of people including the five accused persons attacked them with bottles, stones and cutlass while they were returning home.

He said on the 10th April, 2017 one of their colleagues, who got missing during the attack, returned but couldn’t account for his colleague-Mohamed Kabba Kargbo (the deceased).

He told the court that when they went to Metchem, they got information that their colleague (Mohamed Kabba Kargbo) has been killed and taken to Emergency Hospital.

He stated that they later made statement at Adonkia police station.

Sylvester Fonnie, Alusine Koroma, David Cole, Sheik Mohamed Koroma and Lovetta Cole were charged with two counts of conspiracy and murder contrary to the laws of Sierra Leone.

The prosecution alleged that the accused persons on a date between 6th and 9th April, this year, at Metchem, Goderich, conspired to commit a felony to wit murder.

The prosecution said the accused persons on the same date at Metchem, Goderich, murdered one Mohamed Kabba Kargbo.

The matter was prosecuted by inspector S. Conteh while lawyer Hannah I. Ahmed, A. Conteh and M.Y. Kanu stood in defense of the accused persons.

The matter was adjourned to today, Thursday, 22nd June, 2017 for further cross examination of the witness.