With U.S, Other Governments’ Support…


ACC Boss tightens the knot against corruption

September 21, 2018

Francis Ben-Kaifala

Anti-graft Commissioner, Francis Ben-Kaifala has revealed that his Commission has been cooperating with particularly the United States, other foreign governments and international institutions in his anti-corruption crusade.

Speaking Monday at his Gloucester Street office, the ACC Chief disclosed that the level of cooperation between the Americans and other governments and his Commission has been very productive.

For him, he says this sends a clear message that the world will no longer turn a blind eye to corruption in the country and elsewhere.

The Commissioner recently sanctioned ‘Operation Eagle Claw’, leading to the arrest of over a dozen persons including a former Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations. They were arrested outside the US Embassy in Freetown “in connection with an ongoing investigation relating to the issue and use of Service and Diplomatic passports by underserving persons,” according to a Press Release issued by the Commission on September 12.

The arrest conducted by the ACC officers was facilitated and supported by the US Embassy Security and Consular personnel.

According to the Commissioner, this type of support should clearly send a signal that ill-gotten wealth syphoned by public officials will be recovered.

“There is no longer a haven for corrupt officials,” he said.