Windfall for African Countries…


June 26, 2018

By Joseph S. Margai in Beijing, China

Hanergy’s Chief Content Officer, Zhuang Xihai, talking to African journalists on Monday

Efforts to alleviate the problem of electricity supply in the African continent has been heightened, as the Hanergy Mobile Energy Holding Group, a multinational clean energy and the world’s leading thin film solar energy company based in Beijing, is set to donate thin-film solar umbrella to African countries.

Speaking to African journalists at the Hanergy headquarters in Beijing on Monday, June 25, Zhuang Xihai, Chief Content Officer of Hanergy, said power shortage is the prime factor that restricts the development of Africa.

“To alleviate this problem, we will, through the support of the Chinese government and other enterprises, under the project called ‘Lighting Africa’, donate ‘thin-film solar umbrella’ to African countries. This support will help to boost the economy of Africa as well,” he said.

He described the thin-film solar umbrella as a smart solar hanging umbrella developed for places such as outdoor cafés, outdoor bars and courtyards, households, among other places.

Zhuang noted that the solar umbrella has a WiFi signal enhancement with simple operation and full network coverage, adding that it could also be used to charge electronic devices such as cellphones, power banks and cameras.

“The built-in battery can fully charge 10 cellphones. The ambient lights on the umbrella ribs can work for more than 20 hours and the WiFi signal amplification covers a range of 100 metres,” he explained.

The Chief Content Officer of Hanergy disclosed that the life span Of the thin-film solar umbrella is 30-years, albeit replaceable in the event of a defect, adding that the device was specially made to be used in Africa.

He said Hanergy is putting plans in place to have 100 enterprises in the foreign market, 25% of which will be based in Africa.

He recalled that one of Hanergy’s staff recently visited Kenya in East Africa, where the company has an outlet, and realised that there was a huge demand for energy in rural areas.

“Solar energy is no longer a mysterious thing, it has become common now. At its early stage of invention, it was very expensive but having improved on it, it can be afforded for a sizeable amount of money,” he said.

Established in 1994, he said the development of Hanergy can be summarised in two miracles namely, the construction of the world’s largest private hydropower station – Jin’anqiao Hydropower Station – with an installed capacity of three million kilowatts, and secondly the world’s largest thin-film solar enterprise.

The chief content officer also revealed that they produce thin-film solar road, which serves as energy source and at the same time serving as road for vehicles to ply.

He added that they do not only replace traditional roads to meet basic traffic needs, but also extract clean electricity directly from sunlight to provide mobile power supply for innovative technologies such as vehicle battery charging, unmanned driving, intelligent road, accurate positioning, the internet of vehicles, and promote the development of smart cities.

“We have also produced the Hanergy’s household thin-film solar system that can be installed on one-storey buildings, sunrooms and villas with independent property rights and rooftops, converting sunlight into electricity for home use and selling surplus electricity to national grid,” he noted.

He said Hanergy also has the thin-film solar solution for vehicles which use solar energy as a main source of driving force through a series of precise control and managing systems, adding that they are zero emission vehicles.