Wicked stepmother gets life imprisonment for killing 4yrs old toddler


November 22, 2021

By Ibrahim Kabba Turay

27-years old Barnett Y. Solomon has been sentenced by Justice John Bosco Allieu to life imprisonment for killing 4 years old Princess Kallon on 25 December, 2021, at Waterloo.

Prior to the judgment, Justice Bosco Alieu gave a comprehensive two hours summing up to the jury about the case against the convict.

In his summing-up, Justice Alieu told the court that earlier in court the convict was asked to choose the option as to how she had wish to proceed with her case, either rely on her statement made to police or call witnesses to testify in her favour.

He said the convict chose the last option and added that he would want to call witnesses to testify in his defense. The judge, however, recorded it and asked the prosecution and the defense to give their closing addresses.

He said after the address by both the state prosecutor, Alberta Kargbo, and the defense lawyer, C. Tucker, he withdrew the file for summing-up and judgment.

He told the jury that the convict was charged with one count of murder contrary to the laws of Sierra Leone.

Justice Alieu further said the prosecution tendered several exhibits and summoned five prosecution witnesses, including the Government Consultant Pathologist, Dr. Simeon Owizz Koroma, who established the causes of death.

He said the deceased died after the accused beat her, but told the police that they had an accident on their way from a birthday party.

 He added that the convict’s husband, Christopher Kallon said in his testimony in court, that it was the convict who informed him that his daughter had passed way.

Justice Alieu further told the jury that the husband went straight to the accused’s residence but couldn’t find her at the time he went there.

 He said Doctor Simeone Owizz Koroma in his report told the jury that the deceased died as a result of assault, and the statement was confirmed by the mother of the deceased, who discovered the cane marks on the deceased body.

Justice Alieu said the prosecution witness No.3 had told the court that when the deceased died, the accused never reported the accident to the police or took the deceased to the hospital for further examination.

He said the statement collaborated with the convict who told the police that her reason for failing to inform the police was because she was in a shock.

Justice Alieu told the jury that the burden of proof solely rests on the shoulders of the prosecution and that any iota of doubt would go in favour of the accused.

He said although there was no witness to testify that they saw the accused beating the deceased or saw the accused killing the 4 years old child, but that there were a lot of circumstantial evidences pointed at the accused person.

He further told the jury that the convict only relied on her denial statement to the police and called only one witness who told the court that she saw the deceased and the accused on the 25 December, 2021 at the birthday party of her granddaughter.

He advised the jury that they should pay attention closely to the evidence and let them serve their mind, and give justice to the deceased and the convict.

However, the jury returned with a guilty verdict against the accused, while Justice Alieu further sentenced her to life imprisonment.