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Why the Philippine election could be a win for China

Now, with the election to decide Duterte’s successor days away, analysts say there is an opportunity for a reset of the Philippines’ relationships with both major powers — and its outcome could shift the balance of power in Asia.

How that shapes up may come down to the aims of current presidential frontrunner Ferdinand Marcos Jr. — the son and namesake of the Philippines’ late deposed dictator — who is widely seen as more friendly to China than his nearest rival Leni Robredo, the sitting vice president.

Who Filipinos pick when they cast their votes on Monday, will have ramifications far beyond the country’s borders.

For the US, close ties with the Philippines, including American troop rotations there under a two-decade-old agreement, are critical to its strategy in the region, where Washington seeks to counter Beijing’s growing footprint.
The Philippines has been on the front line…

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