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When Heroes Fall

NOVEMBER 20, 2014 By Josephine A Seppeh (Intern)

The fact that nobody can escape death made meaning to me when I heard the death of the Sierra Leonean specialist and surgeon Dr. Martin Maada Salia.

The philosopher’s experience in the book of Ecclesiastes says that ‘‘God has laid a miserable fate upon us and I tell you it is all useless’’. A miserable fate indeed!

Dr Martin M. Salia was a hero and a great one at that. He laid his life on the line for his county; he wiped the tears of many who came in contact with him. He saved the lives of others, but yet couldn’t live to tell the story.

If there be any truer measure of a man by what he does, it must be by what he gives. Dr. Martin Maada Salia is one to emulate because it takes a kind and hospitable heart to treat people without putting money first. He felt the pain that others were going through and took the burdens of his countrymen and gave hope to his patients.

He gave in his best to ensuring a better society and yet the cold hands of death snatched him away. Such people are heroes of our times.

Those that are putting their lives on the line to save their country are the ones dying. Doctors of this great Nation are heroes and heroines because it takes a good heart to sacrifice themselves for others to live. But if they are the ones dying where are we heading to?

The Ebola viral disease came to put things asunder in our country and I can see how far this has succeeded. Ebola has succeeded in killing seven medical doctors in our country and it is still on the rampage. Oh what a loss to the nation.

I regard these doctors as heroes and heroines because that is exactly who they are. In the fight against the Ebola viral disease, they left their families and took up the fight to save Sierra Leone and yet they have fallen.

When heroes or heroines fall their people are left in sorrow. When heroes or heroines fall their country is left in darkness. When heroes or heroines fall their families are left in bitterness and distress. When heroes or heroine fall their work is done and sometimes things fall apart.

These are hard times in our country and it is high time we started acting like we have lost lives and we don’t want to anymore.

How long are we going to live in fear of losing our lives? We are now afraid of each other and everyone is looking at everybody as suspect. We are now living in a traumatized city with psychological problems that are breaking us down.

I have been pondering my thought on whether there seem to be no way in tackling the virus. We have gone through tough times since the outbreak of the disease and we are still battling to kick the virus out and return to normalcy in our country.

Is it that we lack the ability and skills to fight the disease, or is it that we are comfortable with such conditions? I doubt it very much.

Have we actually failed in the fight against Ebola, or are we tired of fighting our common enemy that has merely succeeded in crumbling our society? Oh what a pain!

If we have really failed in the fight against Ebola, then failure is the only opportunity to begin again more intelligently. We have to stand up and work harder if we are to succeed. We have to put all tribal differences and religious sentiments aside and focus on the task we have ahead of us as a country.

The country has lost too many precious lives in this fight. Too many Sierra Leoneans that would have been future leaders have gone beyond to the other side of life. Is it not the right time we stand up, tie our loins and kick this evil out of our country?

How I wish every Sierra Leonean is thinking in the right direction, then we would have handled this disease from the start.

Those that have died in this fight are gone and soon will be forgotten. It is now left with the living to make a decision that will be for the betterment of all. It is the responsibility of every Sierra Leonean to listen and observe the dos and don’ts in order to live and tell the story.

Ebola, as it is now, is not only an ordinary enemy but one that is evil and has the intent of wiping all generations away. Are we going to sit and allow Ebola to fulfil its plans for such a beloved nation? Or are we going to strategize and stand up in the fight?

The latter I choose. What do you choose? No life is worth losing in this fight. We have to stagger up and say to Ebola that enough is enough because too much of one thing is good for nothing.

Sierra Leone is our home and there is no place like home. Therefore we have to put all political sentiments, jealousy, envy, malice and grudges aside to fight for our beautiful country. If we are patriotic citizens then we must do all within our powers to save Mama Salone from crumbling.

Too much confusion in the world, but that should not be our problem because we already have one that has become a burden too heavy to carry. We have to fix our eyes on the things that would unite us and help our beloved nation rather than sabotaging and destroying the love that holds us together as Sierra Leoneans.

Let leave the ‘pull him down’ syndrome behind us and support one another in this fight so that we would regain our lost glory as a nation and do things that will foster development in the country because no life is worth dying.

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