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NOVEMBER 21, 2014 By Josephine A. Seppeh (Intern)

Destiny Investment Company, in collaboration with G-Lewis Production, will be coming out with a new movie titled ‘Whatsapp Wahala’.

According to Director Joseph Boima, the new movie is a comedy that focuses on problems caused by social media, especially Whatsapp.

Boima said that inasmuch as Whatsapp can be a medium where people build relationships and access information, the social media tool can be misused for blackmail, propaganda, false news, painting wrong images about people and peddling a lot of other negativities.

The movie has a large cast, including Rodney Rogers, Aminata Bawoh (Sagie), Zainab Sillah (Gina), Thelma Barnett, Zainab Yillah, Obai of Head Master saloon.

Director Joseph Boima said he has plans to factor other issues in the movie, such as the Ebola outbreak, to depict widespread false rumours by users.

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