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What Sierra Leoneans say about BSL’s de-domination of currency

August 16, 2021

By Alhaji Haruna Sani

Following the announcement by Bank Governor on the proposed de-domination of Sierra Leonean currency, our Concord Times Alhaji Sani took to the streets of Freetown to scale the views of citizens on the latest development.

Thomas Bangura (student & petti-trader)

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I am pessimistic about the whole thing. I believe Sierra Leone cannot just develop overnight, because some citizens are with the notion that the proposed change of our Leones is going to change the whole narrative. I pray that it happens, but I am sceptical. According to my understanding, if I am being paid le 400, 000 per month I will now be paid le 400, and if a bag of rice is le 400,000 it would now be le 400, therefore, it makes no difference.

Abdulai Sesay (computer hard and software expert)

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Well,the governor himself has made it clear that the proposed de-denomination of the Leones will only create psychological development. I did not see it necessary to bring these changes at this material time. I am not an economist hence I can’t access the nitty gritty of the proposed changes. Let the governor come and explain in detail to us. Some of Professor’s policies have not work well for the country’s economy. I remember the auction of Dollars by Professor Kelfala, it didn’t create any impact, and our economy  is still shattered.

Thairu Saw (university student & petti-trader)

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I have no doubt that professor Keifala’s intention of de-denomination of our currency is nothing but a scam. Our dire needs are job and food security. We don’t want anything that won’t bring positive change to our lives. We need physical changes and not psychological ones. Lonta!

Emmanuel Wusenie (security  guard )

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It is welcoming news, I am very happy to hear such news from the Bank Governor. The only thing is that I am highly uneducated on this currency issue. The authorities need to come down to explain and educate us about this the changes they want to do. Please! Let them come and educate us, I am totally confused and I have no idea about the re-denomination of our currencies.

Ali Jalloh (trader at Kroo-town Road)

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I heard the news but I have no clue, I don’t clearly understand the reason behind the proposed changes of our currency. I am in limbo; the revelent authorities need to better educate us on this currency  matter. My dream and prayer is to see things becoming better in the country. I hope what the Government is intending to do will bring development in the nation.

 Ivan Johnson (student & trader)

I hope this proposed change would not fail like the auctioning of dollars which was done by the same Bank of Sierra Leone. The biggest problem is that the government need to engage on serious education and sensitization of its citizens. Hence the government should go back to the drawing board on this issue.

Fatmata Kamara (trader at Kroo town road)

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I heard the news and it came with some mixed feelings on me. I am only praying that what they intend to do will be something that would benefit this nation. I am almost loosing hope that this country would actually develop to our expectations, but all is in the hands of Allah the creator.

Alpha Jah (street hustler)

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This government has failed us woefully, and I don’t trust anything they intend to do until I see it comes to past. Let the Government do whatever they want to do in as much as we don’t have war in the country.If changing our currency would solve the problem of this nation, let the Government go ahead, we are waiting to see the result.

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