What hideous crime has VP Sam-Sumana committed?


March 19, 2015 By Saa Matthias D. BENDU

I have often said that successive governments since independence in 1961 have always taken Kono for a ‘prostitute’ which they only need for their personal satisfaction. But the accompanying pain all this while is the impotent response of our Kono district politicians to such naked rape of our land and marginalised state in terms of socio-economic development before and after the war. The APC party, led by Ernest Bai Koroma, has taken its turn.

The dastardly and diabolic plans to end the political career of the Honourable Vice President, Chief Alhaji Sahr Samuel Sidique Sam-Sumana, continue unabated. The protracted malicious battle has taken new form as it gets hotter. If and only if the rumour is factual, that they refused him to go for medical treatment abroad, then from all indication it is now clear that they do not only want to end his political career, but they are also so desperate to end his dear life. If not, why refuse him to go for medical treatment? What is Sam-Sumana’s crime? Many Sierra Leoneans within and without are asking. What hideous abomination or crime has VP Sam-Sumana committed or condoned? What error? That NO reparation can hope to erase or be forgiven? That “they have all” become malevolent corporate overlords bent on crushing him?

It is disgusting to hear certain senior people claiming to be neutral in the VP versus them saga. Let me borrow some lines from the ‘Pedagogy of the Oppressed’ which states: “Washing one’s hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless means to side with the powerful, not to be neutral” ― Paulo Freire. And it is also clear that the three ministers from Kono plus the Kono District APC Party Chairman were the perfect weapon used to kill Sam-Sumana’s political career, as it was done to S.I. Koroma by Pa Siaka Stevens in the ‘80s, who dislodged S.I. Koroma’s political position as Vice President I, in trying to re-elect the Port Loko or Musa Kabia situation.
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Today it is Sam-Sumana’s own Kono brothers and sister who have complained him and were witnesses against him before the nine-man committee set up by the National Advisory Council of the All People’s Congress to look into their complaint.

The truth is, they don’t like us, but we are our own worst enemies. They are desperate to eliminate our tribe but we are aiding and abetting them to expedite their diabolic plans against us. When I asked in one of my articles quite recently whether the APC ministers from Kono are at war with the Honourable Vice President, I got few calls to qualify my assertion. I simply replied: ‘Time will tell’.

Well those who had doubted my inquiry should now investigate to know who had complained and served as witnesses against their own kith and kin on phony allegations of brining the APC party into disrepute, for which the party has taken a negative decision to expel Sam-Sumana based on the following allegations: that Vice President Samuel Sam-Sumana had lied about having obtained a master’s degree; that he had lied about being a Muslim; that he was responsible for acts of thuggery against APC ministers in his native Kono district; and that he has intention of forming another political party. Are these the hideous crimes Sam-Sumana has committed or condoned?

Many Sierra Leoneans believe these allegations are too feeble to have warranted such draconian action from any sober-minded committee, especially at this critical moment in the fight against Ebola. The treatment meted out on Sam-Sumana clearly exposed the deep-seated hatred for a man who had been under a self-imposed quarantine after the death of one of his security men. All these allegations and many others against Mr. Sam-Sumana were made up by his own Kono brothers – Leonard Balogun Koroma, Minister of Transport and Aviation; Karamoh Kabba, deputy Minister of Political and Public Affairs; and Francis Gbondo, Chairman APC Kono District, and sister – Finda Diana Konomanyi, Minister of Local Government.

The committee was headed by I.B. Kargbo.

The Konos have once again been used and dumped! But time will tell!