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What are friends for?

October 6, 2016 By Maher Almahdy, Egypt’s Ambassador to Sierra Leone

A wonderful land, that is what Sierra Leone is. A land blessed with God almighty’s peace, freedom, the ocean, the rain, and the overwhelming greenery. Now that life has stabilised, the urge for new momentums, energy, motivation, and enthusiasm erupts and it must erupt everywhere and in the hearts of Sierra Leoneans, so that the people can embrace the present, and turn fit for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the future and everything people dream of: better schools and sound education, more hospitals, more markets, more jobs, affordable life, better paying work openings, higher incomes, more construction, better housing, safer streets, national industry, good and safe public transportation, good potable water, better sewage management, many functioning international airports, stronger currency, better international image, and many more promising achievements.

Tourism is a great source for supporting the national economy, and for enriching the national reserve of the foreign currency of the country. Tourism is an important industry of course, but nothing develops itself. It has to be developed by the appropriate authorities, and with the help and contribution of the people themselves, since no public authority can achieve success on its own.

The people can help their government, and they can keep it back lame and frustrated, where nobody can go anywhere. Underlining the role of the people aims at defeating all submissive and negative thoughts and ideas, promoting the sole responsibility of the government for reaching the national goals and realising all happy aspirations for the country.

Long live Egypt!

Long live Sierra Leone!!

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