Wharfs are vulnerable to Ebola


…Ward 355 Councilor

SEPTEMBER 3, 2014 By Victoria Saffa


Councilor of Ward 355 in Constituency 99 in the east of Freetown says wharfs are some of the most vulnerable places for people to get in contact with the Ebola virus.

Councilor Alusine Conrade Conteh made this statement during a one-day sensitization meeting with community stakeholders. He said wharfs are vulnerable because people are travelling by sea especially from areas where the transmission rate of the disease is on the increase.

“It is easy for Ebola patients to use the sea to come to Freetown,” he said, adding that his community has a wharf and that they are going to place a tester to examine the temperature of people coming in, and provide chlorinated water for the regular washing of hands.

The councilor stated that the Ebola sensitization meeting was meant to educate people on ways and means they could employ to protect themselves from contracting the virus, noting that even though the constituency’s member of parliament is seriously ill, they will not wait until he returns before playing their own role in providing their people with the information needed to keep themselves and their community free from Ebola.

Conteh also informed his ward members that out of the sixty-three million Leones given to the constituency’s Member of Parliament for the Ebola sensitisation, his ward will receive ten million Leones (Le10m) and that the money will be used to do house-to-house sensitisation.

“We’ll also use some of the money to buy chlorine, rubber buckets and soap and place them in mosques, churches, markets, and in the main community junction for people to be washing their hands,” he said.

According to one of the community stakeholders, Christopher Jones, the Ebola sensitization campaign is a laudable venture undertaken by the ward councilor and therefore called on residents to support the initiative.

“I urge all members of this community to stop accommodating strangers in their homes. Also, make sure you report all suspected Ebola cases to the hospital,” Jones admonished.