Western Union shopping spree promo


January 9, 2017 By Regina Pratt

Western Union money transfer customers would again have the chances of winning USD 200 or USD50 shopping spree as Christmas and New Year thank you promotion.

The shopping spree was put on hold when the country was struck by the deadly Ebola virus, which claimed  the lives of over four thousand people, including doctors and other health workers, but the agents did not left out their valid customers- they gave them mobile phones, so that they could still talk to their relatives, friends and loved ones.

The Western Union money transfer had again given a 2016 Christmas and New Year thank you, with a shopping spree for 20 customers, who won the USD200 while 100 customers won the USD50.

Popular actor, Tunde Cole aka  Megadon, recalled that the promotion started from the 7th December, 2016 and would end on 7th January 2017, adding that customers were qualified by sending and receiving monies through Western Union money transfer.

He called on all customers to continue doing business with Western Union, adding that six banks-Union trust bank, FIB, Eco bank, Access, Zenith and Sky bank, who were acting as agents, organised the promotion.

Chatham house manager, Osman Conteh welcomed the agents from the various banks and their customers.

He said the first draw took place at their office because they wanted to produce a full commentary on the whole promotion shopping spree that would be shown in other countries, where Western Union draw was also held.

He further said that the winners would be contacted and that the one minute shopping spree was to take place on Saturday December 24, 2016 at one  Freetown’s largest supermarket- Choithrams Supermarket at Wellington.

Conteh also said the winners were free to take food and provision items, but noted that alcoholic, toys, electrical and tobacco were not part of the winning items.

He further informed the winners that they were working with the bank rate, noting that all winning vouchers were stamped and signed by the bank.

Daniel Moseray of SLBC, who conducted the first draw in which 12 customers won the USD200  while 50  won the USD50, commended Western Union for thanking their customers, noting that customers from Bo, Kailahun, kambai, lungi, kono and other parts of the country were proud winners.

At one of the biggest supermarkets in Freetown- Choithram Supermarket at wellington, where the winners collected their prizes, Leticia Hope noted that she was not expecting the gesture, stating that “I am happy to be one of the lucky winners of this promotion.”