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‘We have to write our own stories’

...Young S/Leonean publisher urges FBC students

By Alusine Sesay

Khadi Mansaray
Author and Publisher, Ms. Khadi Mansaray believes Sierra Leoneans should tell the story about their own country
Khadi Mansaray1
Ms. Khadi Mansaray delivering her lecture as students pay rapt attention

A young Sierra Leonean writer and manager of the Sondiata Global Media (SONGLOME) has urged students of Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone to develop a passion for writing and tell the stories about their own country instead of allowing others to do it for them.

Ms. Khadi Mansaray made this call while delivering a public lecture on the topic: “Writing and Publishing for Serra Leone”, at the Mary Kingsley Auditorium on Fourah Bay College campus.

A product of the Pure and Applied Sciences Department of Fourah Bay College and now a Chartered Accountant, Ms. Mansaray told students that she took to writing because she knew she has something to write about Sierra Leone.

“We have to develop the passion for writing and be able to tell our own stories for the wider world,” urged the UK-based author. “I prefer being a writer because I felt I have something to write about Sierra Leone. We have to tell our children that we can do something for ourselves and do not allow others to do it for us.”

Sondiata Global Media, she said, is a UK-based publishing company that helps Sierra Leoneans and other African writers to tell their stories, and as well motivate and inspire young people to develop the art of writing. “You may have a story to tell and we would provide you the necessary support to do so,” she said.

Ms. Mansaray noted that all historical facts about the country were written by other people. “Our tradition should be documented. It is good to have a record of happenings so that we understand the movement and improvement that is taking place,” she said.

She stressed the need for people to avoid the use jargons in their writing and instead use simple words that would appeal to the understanding of the reader. “You should think that you are writing for people and they should be able to understand the message you try to share with them. You have to catch the attention of readers at the start of the writing,” she lectured.

Ms. Mansaray pointed out that the internet has offered many opportunities for writing to be easier but noted that writers should bear in mind they have a responsibility to present their work in an ethical manner.

“Opportunities come with responsibilities. You have a duty to be responsible in your writing because you are informing people and you should do that responsibly,” she admonished. “My publishing company focuses on excellence; the world is bigger than Sierra Leone and people should write in a way that would attract world audience.”

Head of the Peace and Conflict Studies Department at FBC, Mrs. Memunatu Pratt, said writing is an important aspect of academia. “If you don’t write, you are academically perished,” she said and encouraged students to emulate Ms. Mansaray, whom she said, though a science graduate, developed the passion for writing.

She congratulated the Sondiata Publishing Company manager for being an inspiration to others.

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