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‘We are responsible for our state’

- Kono residents lament

By Hassan G. Koroma from Kono

Residents of Kono district have blamed disunity and selfish aspiration of local political players for the current state and status of the district.

According to Kamba Soyie, a resident of Koidu town, the diamondiferous district remains destitute despite decades of diamond mining, again casting blame on the “selfish ones in the Kono who have contributed to undermine the development of the district”, although he declined to name names.

“Our local leaders neither care about the town nor the people; it is a big disgrace to Kono because we are known as the bread basket of the country as mining activities started in this district since 1930. But this does not reflect on us (Konos),” he opined. “This is because we the people of Kono don’t care about others but ourselves, and the blame should go to all of us the Kono people, we are responsible for our current status.”

Soyie also castigated the youth for helping to contribute to the decrepit condition of the district, as many are engaged in alluvial mining and most often than not sell diamonds on the cheap to foreign diamond dealers, with no benefit going to the district.

He alleged that their leaders are in connivance with foreign investors, whom they help to take away the country’s minerals, including diamonds, abroad while the country remains poor.

Adama Sesay described the leaders of Kono as “ambassadors of poverty” who only care about their interest and those of their immediate families.

“We the people of Kono should be ashamed of ourselves. We have something to make us one of the best areas in the country, but we are still creeping and even to feed ourselves for the day is difficult for us! Where then are our natural minerals? she rhetorically asked.

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