We are moving from elitism to the grass root in the fight against corruption – VP Juldeh Jalloh


By Ishmael Dumbuya

Vice President Juldeh Jalloh on the 9th December 2022 joined the International Anti-Corruption Day celebration at the Anti-Corruption building, Gloucester Street in Freetown.

In his keynote address, VP Juldeh Jalloh stated that the fight against corruption has been a success under the present administration.

He noted that when issues of corruption come up, people have the mindset that the fight is an elitist one wherein public officials are the primary targets, adding that there is now a shift from that paradigm.

He said his government has broadened the scope to not only talking about corruption, but fighting it.

“Everyone Sierra Leonean has got a part to play in the fight, way down to the communities in order to expand the work of the ACC,” he mentioned.

VP Jalloh applauded and commended the work of the commissioner, adding that he is the best soldier against corruption.

“Commissioner Kaifala is very much committed and determined to stamp out corruption in the country and that was why he was appointed by President Bio. We are all aware how inclusive the commissioner has been, going to schools, colleges, markets etc., in order to get everyone included,”  he said.

He emphasized that as a government, they were very much committed to the fight against corruption.

He went on to state that conviction rate in the country now is over 90% and that they continue to recover huge amount of stolen government money for the first time in the history of the country, noting that those recovered money are implemented to developmental strides, especially the health sector.

He further stated that over the past four years, the ACC has broken a lot of grounds by helping members of the vulnerable communities through the cash transfer process.

He rounded up  by stating that accountability and transparency within the public sector are key, stating that people need to be accountable and transparent in whatever they do as that will help curtail corruption incidences in the country.

The International Anti-Corruption Day is a day celebrated every December 9th around the world in order to highlight the challenges, gains and recommendation in the fight against corruption in the world. 


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