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‘We are fighting corruption with every bit of our souls’

-President Bio

December 9, 2019

By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

President Bio passionate about fighting corruption

President Julius Maada Bio has stated that his government is fighting corruption in the country with all its soul, noting that corruption is a common enemy to each and every Sierra Leonean and to everyone’s development and future.

“I want to assure everybody that we are going to fight corruption with every bit of our souls. We will succeed and when we do, you all will see a different Sierra Leone. I am talking about corruption because it is a common enemy to each and everyone in this country and to everyone’s development and future. If we allow it, there will be no future for our children and their children yet unborn,” he said.

He was last week Friday, December 6th speaking at the Katco International Conference Hall on Wilkinson Road in Freetown, during the opening of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) delegates’ conference.

He said they chose to fight corruption because they genuinely wanted to develop the country for the betterment of everybody and Sierra Leoneans yet unborn.

He said in his one year seven months in office, the perception of the international community about the country has been changed from negative to positive, noting that his government is doing ‘big things’ for the betterment of each and every Sierra Leonean.

He said for a political party that prides itself to getting the best quality human capital for the country, they have to make sure the standard of education does not drop, noting that the best way to destroy any country is to destroy the educational systems.

He said no country will survive in this 21st century and in the coming 4th industrial revolution if that country lacks sound educational system, adding that his government is spending a lot on the free quality education scheme.

He said to support more than two million children across the country to go to school is not an easy task, and that it involves a lot of money.

“I want everybody to know that education is an investment that does not come with immediate result but when the result comes it will be at the time it is needed most. We have helped taken school fee burden from parents by paying for over two million children,” he said.

He said before his government, there were frequent strike actions by nurses in the country, but that when he took office he has solved that problem because he knows health comes first and that they have deployed over two hundred ambulances across the country.

In his welcome statement, Chairman and Leader of the Sierra Leone People’s Party,Dr. Prince Alex Harding  said the conference was the first after the party took power in 2018.

He said the conference was to discuss the future of the SLPP party, and called on the delegates to make sure that whatever they are going to do should reflect on the membership of the party and the nation.

Giving update of the SLPP party activities, the National Secretary General, who doubles as the Deputy Minister of Justice, Umaru Napoleon Koroma, said the meeting was deeply premised on their desire to lay a solid foundation for the democratic and political consolidation for their party to govern and deliver on their manifesto promises to the people of the country.

He said in the last six months, the party was engaged in several activities and also faced with many challenges as well, noting that from June 2019 the party participated in five major bye-elections across the country.

He said with robust campaign the party won the parliamentary bye-election in constituency 040 in Falaba District, noting that they also participated in the bye-election for the Chairmanship of Falaba District Council and they won it as well.

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