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Waterloo Council wages war against persons who throw filth on the streets…

Le50,000 fine for defaulters

May 30, 2016 By Joseph S. Margai

The Western Area Rural District Council, popularly called ‘Waterloo Council’, has issued a stern warning against individuals who throw solid and liquid waste in streets to desist or face heavy penalty.

The district, according to authorities, is filthy because of the action of inhabitants. Chief Administrator of the Council, Ahmed Shekuba Koroma, last week called a meeting of village heads, councillors, civil society organisations, the Police and military to prepare bye-laws to track down defaulters. The Wednesday meeting at the council’s hall agreed that defaulters would be fined Le 50,000.

According Mr. Koroma, solid waste management had been devolved to local councils, adding that lots of things should be put in place in order to keep the district clean.

He said that they included the Drivers Union and Petty Traders Union in the meeting because their members are in the habit of disposing huge solid wastes in the district. He added that the usual habit of petty traders is to sweep filth around the market and deposit them under their stalls.

“The unemployed youth within the district will be given the task to go to houses, shops, and factories within the district that are filthy. If anyone is found wanting, that person must be fined. The proceeds from the fines will be used to pay the youth and thereby creating employment for them,” he said and noted that Waterloo is a gateway to Freetown and should be kept clean always.

Chairman of the Waterloo Council, Alhassan Cole said the newly commissioned Regent-Grafton Road had been overcome by solid waste as people are in the habit of disposing their waste everywhere in the district.

“Most of the fishing communities in the country are in our district. The EU has placed a ban on the exportation of the fish because they are poorly handled. The landing environments are filthy and that should be immediately addressed,” he said. He added that because people throw filths everywhere, when it rains all the wastes empty into the sea.

He said most people are having sleepless night because of large swarms of mosquitoes which breed in waste deposits, adding that everywhere in the rural district is now a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

“When flies sit on solid and liquid wastes and deposit those wastes on the food we eat, we will contract diseases. Previously, all the village heads could attest to this that there was a competition in keeping our villages clean and tidy,” he said.

The Council Chairman said they were in dire need to get pieces of land in the district to be used as dumping sites. He called for the formation of a committee that would provide strong guidelines that would be formulated into bye-laws.

The Environmental Officer of the council, Julius Mattia, said they only have one tricycle, a dumping site, and an old lorry to manage solid wastes in the entire district.

“Market women, including other petty traders, are in the habit of sweeping and disposing their wastes under their stalls. This is unacceptable in this district,” he said. He maintained though that the district needs logistics to address solid waste management.

Councillor Fatmata Yaborah Kamara of ward 336 said parents should prevent their children to scavenge recycled plastic materials for money and abandon school.

The headman of Gbendembu said his community has been engulfed by solid waste as there is no vehicle to convey them to the dumpsite. He added that if nothing was done the lives of residents could be put at risk, especially during the raining season.

Headman of Kissy Town, Davies Kamara, said he had provided a piece of land that should be used as a dumping site, and urged the council to protect it from encroachers.

Headman of Tokeh, Alhaji James-Slowe, said he was in support of general cleaning in the district every last Saturday of the month, and called on the council to provide trash cans at dump sites.

He said revellers who visit popular beaches in the district are in the habit of depositing solid wastes everywhere.

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