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Water crisis causes broken homes in Pujehun

January 22, 2020

BY Mohamed Sesay

Kids fetching water from an unprotected source

On many occasions our wives have divorced us because of this water crisis. Whenever they go and fetch water for like three times from the long- rugged road, they will divorce us and go back to their villages, said Momodu Mansaray, Youth Leader of Koijeh Village,Pujehun District.

Located in the Sorogbema Chiefdom, Mano River Section, Pujehun District, Koijeh Village is characterised with acute water crisis, especially in the dry season.

Residents have called on the Government of Sierra Leone and other international humanitarian organizations to help them with boreholes that could provide them safe drinking water.

According to them, the only available water within the circumference of the village is not only unhygienic for drinking, but  that people have to walk over eight hundred metres on a very mountainous tiny footpath to access it.

They called on the government and other international humanitarian organizations to help them with a borehole that could provide them safe drinking water.

According to residents, the constraint to access pure drinking water is a perennial problem inherited since the days of their fore-fathers, and that several attempts have been made by organizations to provide water for the village, but have turned out to be unproductive.

 In line with Goal six (6) of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs), to ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and Sanitation for all, Koijeh village  made the clarion call to the government and humanitarian organizations to come to their aid and provide them with a safe drinking water.

The geographical topography of the village is very terrible and organizations such as PEST International dug a borehole at the centre of the village, but their efforts were derailed by a rock which prevented them from reaching the water level.

Town Chief, Brima Mansaray told Concord Times that the constraint faced by them in accessing safe drinking water was becoming unbearable.

He said several organisations  had  made promises  and designed projects to provide them with boreholes, but  were prevented by  the large layer of rock beneath the soil in the village.

“We are really suffering to access safe drinking water since the day our parents gave birth to us. We as town people with the aid of certain organizations have dug up to five boreholes but we never got water. The road to the only source of water for us is a very long distance and highly mountainous,” he said.

Chairlady of the village, Mrs. Mariama Konneh said the struggle for water is very terrible especially for them as women and prayed for someone who will one day provide them with safe drinking water.

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  1. This community has been deprived for aged, we are pleading with NGOs & Government to pls intervene to rescue this inhuman situation. Both the Health Center & School do not have access to clean drinking water.
    You can contact +23276928549 for any information about this community

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